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Works of philosophers or others dealing with the limits, sources, nature and methods of human knowledge.

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The Analysis of Knowledge
Survey of analyses of the concept of knowledge, including justified true belief and the Gettier problem; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Matthias Steup.
Ancient Skepticism
Two movements in ancient philosophy, Pyrrhonism, and Academic Skepticism. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Leo Groarke.
Bayes' Theorem
Discussion of a formula to calculate conditional probabilities which figures in subjectivist approaches to epistemology; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by James Joyce.
Bayesian Epistemology
Epistemological movement based on Bayesian confirmation and decision theory; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by William Talbott.
Metaphysical and epistemological accounts of color. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Barry Maund.
Syllabus for a Yale University seminar on epistemology.
Essays on epistemology from the Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series.
The Epistemology Page
A collection of epistemology resources, including other directories, online papers, and graduate programs strong in epistemology.
The Epistemology Research Guide
Directory of links by Keith Korcz, including online papers.
Evolutionary Epistemology
Survey of naturalistic epistemology which emphasizes importance of natural selection; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Michael Bradie and William Harms
Formal Learning Theory
Discusses mathematical approaches to normative epistemology; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Oliver Schulte.
Foundationalist Theories of Epistemic Justification
Survey of theories according to which knowledge and justified belief rest ultimately on a foundation of noninferential knowledge or justified belief. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Richard Fumerton.
Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?
Classic short paper by Edmund Gettier.
James Pryor
James Pryor's homepage. It includes online papers and detailed lecture notes.
JTB Forum
Electronic journal for theory of knowledge.
KLI Theory Lab
Data base that allows scientific literature search in the domain of evolution and cognition, thus indexing the literature in Evolutionary Epistemology.
Knowledge, Justification, and Truth
Laurence BonJour's dissertation.
New Thoughts about Old Things: Cognitive Policies as the Ground of Singular Concepts
Kent Bach reviews this book by Krista Lawlor. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
Qualia are introspectively accessible, phenomenal aspects of our mental lives. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Michael Tye.
Reference, Truth and Conceptual Schemes: A Defense of Internal Realism
Peter J. Graham reviews this book by Gabor Forrai. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
Sextus Empiricus's Outlines of Pyrrhonism
A short paper by Alex Scott on the ancient school of skepticism.
Article examining the various forms of skepticism. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Peter Klein.
Teaching Theory of Knowledge
A booklet for teaching theory of knowledge. It includes a list of topics in epistemology with an introduction and a reading list for each.
Theory of Knowledge
Course taught by James Pryor at Princeton University; includes handouts and lecture notes.
An overview of epistemology, exploring the various theories of knowledge, justification, and belief.
Virtue Epistemology
An approach in epistemology that applies the resources of virtue theory to problems in the theory of knowledge. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by John Greco.

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