Inspirational sites under personal philosophy attempt to inspire readers to improve their lives and to realize their dreams.
The Art of Defiance
Encourages students to defy the school system’s indoctrination process through cultivation of one’s negative emotions.
Baker, Will - The Meaning of Life
An experiential discussion on the meaning of life, including essays and poetry.
Becoming a Messenger of Love
A social movement and community inspiring people to make the world a better place by responding to anger, fear and hate with love and kindness.
Bored Daddy
Inspirational, uplifting and entertaining photos and articles.
Sharing that which inspires us to seek further enlightenment and understanding of self and our existence.
Suggests ways for people to make their lives better by stepping up to the plate and being proactive in their daily lives and choices and changing not only themselves but society in the process.
Encouragement Quotes
Stories and poems for your soul.
Essential Teachings
Key ideas about the meaning of life from master teachers past and present. Includes an archive of video interviews.
Give My Life Meaning
Articles, thoughts and suggestions to inspire you to live a happy and fulfilling life.
Weblog with links to informational and motivational videos and articles on self-improvement.
I Live To Inspire
Showing people how to change and make the best of life when they feel like a failure, think their dreams aren’t possible and are trapped by life’s daily demands .
Inspirational Stories
Inspirational stories that help us to feel harmony with the world and find true happiness inside ourselves.
Intentionista: a person devoted to living with intention, particularly authentic or genuine intention; a victim of intention.
Living To The Utmost
Explores simple ways and ideas of how to live life to the utmost.
The Meaning of Life
Provides advice for those who want to know the meaning of life.
Meaning of Life
Covers religion, love, destiny, spirituality, and many other topics.
Meanings of Life
Comments on philosophers' thoughts about life, philosophies of life, love, friendship and other connected issues.
Motivation Potion
Inspiration, tips, and tricks to make your day easier. Covers life, love, and finance.
Nice Thoughts
Eleftherios Karagiannis expresses his thoughts in a no-frills website.
Philosophy - One Liners
An attempt to cover a wide range of philosophical thought in standalone sentences.
Free online books about personal magnetism, mind power and prosperity consciousness.
Realistic Happiness
Reminds readers that happiness is all around and something they can choose in life.
Searching for Sumthin
On waking up and helping each other find happiness.
The Stillness Before Time
An aphoristic vision of the human journey written by Michael Holshouser in the early 1990's.
To Know Thyself
Offers information to look inside your heart, beneath your emotions, and to develop the confidence to become who you really are.
Touch Of Karma
Discusses the role karma plays in religion and in social life.
The Web Sage
An archive to help people stay focused on their goals and find some food for thought.
A Work In Progress
Inspiring stories on life, love and giving, and overcoming challenges and loss. Includes photos to share the simplicity and beauty of nature.
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