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Discussion of philosophical issues related to biological diversity; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Daniel P. Faith.
Biological Altruism
Discussion of how altruistic behavior by organisms fits with the theory of evolution; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Samir Okasha.
The Biological Notion of Self and Non-self
Stanford Encyclopedia entry on the notion of the immune self; by Alfred Tauber.
Biology and Philosophy
Permits access to the table of contents for each of the archived issues of this journal. Also includes information for authors.
Cognition and Biological Evolution
Idealist philosophy resolves a fundamental paradox in the materialist account of evolution. Essay by Axel Randrup.
Definition of Life
Reviews and analyzes various attempts to define life in terms of negentropy and complexity theory.
If Horses Had Hands
A philosophy paper by Tom Tyler examining the arguments on the concept of anthropomorphism.
International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology
ISHPSSB brings together scholars from diverse disciplines, including the life sciences, and the history, philosophy, and social studies of science.
A Palindrome: Conscious Living Creatures as Instruments of Nature; The Latter as an Instrument of the Former.
A palindromic relationship is reported between astrophysical-biological evolution and mind-possessing living creatures in it. Essay by Mario Crocco.
Philosophy of Biology Web Pages
Maintained by Michael R. Dietrich, of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College; includes links to web sites and online articles dealing with the philosophy of biology and related subjects.
Entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Marc Ereshefsky.
Teleological Notions in Biology
Entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Colin Allen.
Theoretical Biology and Philosophy of Biology
A list of persons, institutes, research groups and journals within theoretical biology, philosophy and history of biology, and related areas of research.
Virtual Reality:Consciousness Really Explained
A scientific hypothesis for the origin of mind based in evolutionary biology. Includes downloadable manuscript and a few graphics.

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