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Black Box Voting
nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of the electoral process.
Hosted service for voting and surveys. Uses web-based administration pages to set-up and monitor elections, along with optional administrative services.
Condorcet Internet Voting Service
a free internet voting service for conducting online elections.
DemoChoice Polls
PHP-based web software for polling and determining the winner of an Instant Runoff election. Licensed under GPL.
Electronic Voting
Voting expert Rebecca Mercuri's website, with papers on the subject, and many articles and websites regarding electronic voting.
eVote Web Page
Voting software designed to be used in conjunction with the Majordomo electronic mailing list system. As of August 1998, a shareware version was available for Majordomo running under Linux.
Internet Voting Technology Alliance - IVTA
alliance to work on the public development and open peer review of standards to be used in voting over the Internet.
IVS Associates
Provider of independent vote certifications for corporation shareholder meetings and professional association ballot tabulations and proxy fights
OASIS Election and Voter Services Technical Committee
Standardizing the exchange of election and voter services information using XML
Open Source Digital Voting (OSDV) Foundation
a non-profit foundation focused on reinventing electronic/digital voting technology through community based development of technical guidelines and specifications.
Political Sim
Free open-source software for voting and election games and simulations.
Preference Ballot Tabulation Perl Script
Dual Dropping method combines Schwartz Sequential Dropping with Tideman's Ranked Pairs. For both single and multi-candidate elections [Open Source, GPL]
Serendipity: Voting Machines
Links to several articles discussing whether voting machines are being used to rig elections.
Python-based project to produce software of interest to people conducting votes on the Internet, or to people who are interested in researching various electoral methods.
VoteFair Ranking
Electronic voting system.
Voting Machines
Overview of electronic voting both pros and cons from over 200 experts. Biographies, laws, and relevant historical time lines also provided.
USA Today: Updating voting machines could take a decade
Discussion of the possible problems upgrading voting systems throughout the U.S. as demand might exceed supply. Includes charts of what methods are currently used in which counties in the U.S. (February 14, 2001) News - Unisys enrolls Microsoft, Dell to build better ballots
Article describing Unisys partnership with Microsoft and Dell to create better voting systems. (January 11, 2001)
Crypto-Gram: Voting and Technology
Skeptical article about computerized voting by inventor of the Blowfish cryptography algorithm. Lots of good links to other articles. (December 15, 2000)
Seattle Weekly - Point, click, vote?
Article by Angela Gunn. You may be ready to vote online, but the Net's not ready for you. (November 02, 2000)

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