In the 1820's, a small group of Christians met in an attempt to return to New Testament simplicity. They took as their guide, not the creeds and religious traditions of the denominations around them, but rather the Bible. Through many growing pains and some setbacks, their spiritual example is alive and growing today. These Christians have been called by many names - Plymouth Brethren being sometimes used.

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Large number of articles, history, links, and other information.
Brethren Online
Christian materials: FAQ, Bible software, Bible study, articles, and links.
Brethren Times
Articles, reports, and links to Brethren and non Brethren sites.
Cleanwaters Counseling Ministries
Free biblical counseling services and educational information to Plymouth Brethren assemblies worldwide.
Exclusive Brethren
A BBC history of the Exclusive Brethren with useful definitions and explanations.
The Exclusive Brethren Christian Fellowship
Explanation of various unique aspects of the Exclusive Brethren from their own perspective.
Fellowship of Indian Brethren Assemblies of North America
Comprehensive information about the activities and conferences of FIBANA.
Gospel Hall Church
Group of fundamental churches that preach salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
In The Beloved
Early and contemporary brethren writings, Toward the Mark E-Zine, the Assembly Messenger.
Kerala Brethren
Discussion Board, databases, and MP3 downloads for the Brethren.
My Brethren
The history and ministry of those commonly called Exclusive Brethren.
The Plymouth Brethren Movement
History and references about the Plymouth Brethren. Also expository articles and poems.
Plymouth Brethren Resources
New and old expository and topical ministry by founders and noteworthies of the dispensational and Plymouth Brethren, and audio ministry.
Salvation Communications
Evangelistic site that explains the gospel of salvation from a New Testament perspective.
TBN Ministry
Thrissur Brethren Ministry makes available current news about Indian Brethren. Plenty of resources are also made available.
Open Brethren theological, historical, doctrinal articles and pictures.
Voices For Christ
A growing archive of classical Brethren writings, biographies, and audio messages.
Wikipedia: Exclusive Brethren
An article from a secular angle. Differs from the way the Exclusive Brethren would like to state their case.
Wikipedia: Open Brethren
Essay from a secular point of view, and differs from the way the Open Brethren would like to state their case.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Four Corners
News, articles and background resources on the Exclusive Brethren church; plus interview transcripts with ex-members. (September 25, 2006)

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