Universalism, also known as apocatastasis, is the doctrine that Christ has either already saved all people or will ultimately save all people. It consequently rejects the doctrine of eternal hell. Universalism has traditionally been regarded as heresy. The universalism category seeks to present a full-range discussion on the subject, with sites that both support and oppose this controversial doctrine.

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Catholic Encyclopedia: Apocatastasis
Discusses the universalist theology of Origen and Gregory of Nyssa.
Christian Universalism (Universal Reconciliation)
Essays by various writers on the doctrine of universalism.
Christian Universalist WebRing
Bravenet webring for universalist sites.
Concordant Expositions
A universalist/dispensationalist exposition of Scripture by the Concordant Publishing Concern. Denies the divinity of Jesus.
Craig-Bradley Debate: Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
A debate between theologian William Lane Craig and philosopher Ray Bradley over the merits of the doctrine of universalism.
Evangelical Inclusivism
Articles, books and FAQ on Biblical Universalism.
The New Creation
Presents a series of essays from a universalist perspective. Posits the view that the soul is not immortal.
Paul Tournier's Universalism
Master's thesis by Daniel Musick. The thesis is written from a traditional Christian point of view, but clearly explains the doctrine of universalism.
Savior of All Fellowship
Presents essays and commentaries arguing that it is God's purpose to save all mankind through the death and resurrection of Christ.
Provides information on many topics related to Christian universalism; including Bible translations, Greek/Hebrew words studies, Church history and law and grace. Also a forum.
Universalism and the Bible
Keith DeRose, Yale University Associate Prof. of Philosophy, provides arguments for the doctrine of universalism.
What the Hell is Hell?
Gary Amirault, seeks to demonstrate that the Christian concept of Hell is a myth. Various articles.
Wider Universalist Fellowship
Statements of faith and doctrine of the Christian Universalism.
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