A late 20th century tradition of ceremonial magic deriving in large part from A. O. Spare, Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant and Discordianism. Its major exponents are Peter Carroll, and Phil Hine. The boundaries are sometimes difficult to define and much modern ceremonial magic writing may be considered to fall in this category by some.

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Alt.Magick.Chaos FAQ
The compete alt.magick.chaos frequently asked questions file, including definitions, book references, similar newsgroups, and other helpful details about posting on the Usenet forum.
Austin Osman Spare Archive
A digital tribute to Austin Osman Spare and his works this site contains three complete books, including preserving both text and illustrations.
Barbelith: Chaos Magick in a Nutshell
An essay detailing the history, approach, and philosophies of chaos magick.
Biroco: The Art of Doing Nothing
Joel Biroco's website including Kaos 14 and additional musings on chaos magick, yijing dao, and automatic drawing.
Chaos Magick Book Reviews
Primarily focusing on reviews of Liber Null and Psychonaut.
Rituals, workings, essays and writings on the occult, reports, and recommended reading.
A node and outlet for protracted rituals of oblique technomancy. The words, sounds and images of this project represent an Akashic record.
Corpus Fecundi of the AutonomatriX
Official site of the cyber chaos magical guild AutonomatriX (AX). Contains numerous works, including ritual magic texts, records of actual work done by working groups and individual members, essays, poetry and other writings, reports, and collections of data assembled by AX project teams.
Firewraith's Chaos Magick
Essays on chaos magick, sigil magick and spells.
Kaotic Illuminated Adepts
A non hierarchical, anti-authoritarian group of sorcerers building an open and cooperative community that facilitates the individual learning of sorcery and resists the advance of authoritarian ideology. Includes a wiki and a forum.
The Order of Chaos
A dis/organization of magickians, artists and musicians who do private and performance rituals, merging ancient mythology with modern technology.
Sacred Texts: Chaos Magic
Chaos magic articles and essays, primarily focusing on the IOT, Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus.
Wikipedia - Chaos Magic
Chaos magick history, and theory, with links to information on its leading figures.
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