This category includes sites that disagree with Christian beliefs or view Christianity, Christians or particular denominations in a negative way. Views discussing philosophical, ethical or moral shortcomings of Christian leaders or denominations are accepted, particularly if written by non-Christians.

You may find sites written by members of one Christian denomination criticizing another denomination within the denominational subcategories here. However, sites criticizing a denomination by other members of the denomination should be listed within the category for that denomination within Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Denominations and not within this Opposing Views area.

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Leaving Christianity
A set of links for atheists, agnostics, and former Christians, many annotated, collected by Steve Locks. With his own articles.
"Anti-Christianity" and Who-Hates-Who?
An essay on Christian hate by Isaac Bonewits.
Bad Faith - Bad News About Christianity
Offers articles to expose facts about Christianity including history, origins, authorities and flawed philosophy.
Christianity Meme
Christianity examined from the perspective of memetics, the study of viruses of the human mind. With related articles by Don Baker, Richard Baker, and others.
Even If I Did Believe...
Californian, Gnostic priest and neo-pagan Tim Maroney offers 1984 essay disputing the morality of the Christian God.
God is Imaginary
Fifty simple proofs to show that God doesn't exist. Also includes a forum, blog, videos and cartoons.
People of the Holy Testament Archive
More than fifty articles on subjects such as deceptive clergy, Biblical errancy, and the Vatican.
Quotes from Ex-Christians
A page of quotes from ex-Christians, both signed and unsinged and some with links, concerning deconversion and related topics.
Roman Piso Homepage
Roman Piso asserts the New Testament was written by the Piso family, and that Arrius Piso was the real name of Flavius Josephus. With extensive links and many pages of text.
Secular E-Mail Lists and Discussion Groups
Carefully annotated links to more than twenty forums for ex-Christians and others pursuing secularism.
Some Thoughts About Theology
Contributed essays ranging from serious analysis to satirical profanity, with a brief annotated bibliography.
Thomas Paine Archive
Online text of selected writings from the deist who helped inspire the American Revolution, including "The Age of Reason," which debunks the Bible.
Trinity Foundation, Inc.
Christian organization investigates and reports on fraud in religious ministries including televangelism, with extensive links to news items.
Truth Be Known
Classically educated author Acharya S offers links to numerous articles critical of Christianity and religion in general.
The Unacceptable Cost of Religious Superstition
Brief page detailing the deaths of three children because their parents' religious beliefs caused them to withhold medical treatment.
Yeshua (Jesus) and Judaism versus Paul and Christianity
Author Scott Nelson presents excerpts from book in progress including an argument that the apostle Paul did not found the true Church.

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