Ask Nanozilla
Nanozilla Who is Nan O'Zilla? She is Rob O'Zilla's helpful sister, who hangs around the ODP and tries to help editors clean up the messes that Rob makes.

Dear Nan,

I have had a site submitted that does not belong in the the category I edit. I searched and have found a category that seems to fit, but I don't know what to do. Can you help? 

-Problem Unreviewed

Dear Problem Unreviewed,

I am glad you asked the question! Well done for recognizing that your category is not really appropriate. Many editors have the same problem, and others tend to delete sites that don't fit. It is best to find the right "home" category for these sites whenever possible. All you have to do is find the category that you want by browsing or searching the directory and then follow the steps listed below.

For example a site about or containing webcams used in the television show, Big Brother, was submitted to the category for the television show, Survivor.

Copy the name of the new category, which is the Computers/Internet/WWW/Webcams/Indoors/Home/Big_Brother part of the URL. Then, paste it into the form, where it says "Type new category in box below or select here" :

 Once you have completed the form, just click one of the update buttons, and the site will be sent to the unreviewed of that category. If you have editing privileges in that category or above, then the site will be added automatically to the new category unless you check "Keep in Unreviewed."


Dear Nan O'Zilla,

 I was adding a site to the category I edit, Regional/Europe/Elbonia/Business_and_Economy, and noticed that the edit screen said: "This URL also appears in Test/See_Editor_Notes/2000/Jul." What does this mean?

Anxious in Elbonia

Dear Anxious,

 The section at the top of the edit screen was designed to alert editors when a URL was already listed in another ODP category. The category Test/See_Editor_Notes was created by editors to hold URLs with special editor notes and to draw your attention to these editor notes. If you look at the public side of this category you will not see typical site titles and descriptions. The important information is contained in the editor notes for these URLs, which can only be viewed by editors. URLs listed in Test/See_Editor_Notes tend to have a long list of editor notes since many of these sites have been submitted to multiple categories across the directory or may already be listed under an alternative URL. 

When a site you are reviewing is said to be listed in "Test/See_Editor_Notes" you should take care to read those notes before listing the site. This does not mean that you should automatically delete the site. The site may be appropriate for the category you are editing. It is up to you to use your best judgement regarding site listings. If you do add the site to a category, make sure to include an editor note explaining your actions.

If you have questions about a specific site, try searching the editor forums. You may find a discussion of the site you are reviewing. Another alternative is to contact higher level editors in your section. They may have additional knowledge about the site in question. 

See also these sections of the ODP guidelines: Site specific guidelines (affiliates, mirrors, multiple listings) and Spam

Hope this helps. 
- Nan

Dear Nan O'Zilla,

 The following site was submitted to a category I edit: I cannot read the language. What do I do?


Dear Monolingual,

 In World/ there are categories for most languages. These categories are where we list those sites, since the whole of that part of the directory is in the target language. Some examples are World/Deutsch/ and World/Français/

Several fellow ODP editors have identified and gathered plenty of tools to help you with translation and finding correct World categories. Zumbo has collected some helpful language resources on the following site: Under "Identification" there is a tool that will guess the language using several words from the site you are reviewing. All you have to do is cut and paste a snippet of at least 5 words into the input box and press the "guess language" button. It seems that is Finnish. 

Once you know the language, where does that site belong? Editors susanna, vladd and other World editors have created a list of world categories that correspond to the 14 main sections of the directory. You can find it at: From this page, you can find and copy the category name in the appropriate language. The Finnish category for Computers is World/Suomi/Tietokoneet/. If you take a look at that category you will notice a category for "Internet". Looking further the "Internet" category has a subcategory for "Chat". So chances are World/Suomi/Tietokoneet/Internet/Chat/ is the correct category for .

Once you have found the correct category, copy and paste the correct category name in the box for "Move to another category" and send the site off for review. It is usually a good idea to include an editor note. 

Additional language tools and translation resources may be found under Tools for Editors/Translation Tools.

 Happy editing!
-Nan O'Zilla

Dear Nan,

I would like to know more about an editor I have seen in editor forums, and in my categories. His handle is Kfander.

- Roy Regional
Hey Roy,

Glad you asked (kfander is too ;-) ). He is really known as Ken Anderson, and he has been editing since early 1998. He started his editing life in a cat he started in Health/Emergency_Services/Emergency_Medical_Services/ and has progressed rapidly. He now helps to look after the Regional/ tree, and has been described by staff as being the "Regional Guru from Texas".

Ken has had significant impact within the fora and is a well respected member of the editing community. That, coupled with excellent editing skills and a logical mind earned him Editall/CatMV in May 1999 and Meta in August 1999 . In real life, Ken works as a paramedic, and has been developing sites for local medical organizations.

Incidentally, Ken has announced his engagement to Laisha, who are to be wed next month (congratulations from the 'zillas!)


Finally, we would like to say: Thanks for all your hard work!