Usenet and the Web have made an unofficial community for authors of erotic stories - they often correspond, and build off of each others' work. These are the sites of the story authors themselves, containing their own stories, rather than archives of other people's work. They are slightly more likely to be "literary" than most random archives, with more character development besides the actual sex.

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The Ann Douglas Archive
Complete stories of respected net writer, many with surprising 'twists.'
AnneArbor's Sandbox
Some stories are autobiographical, some are biographical, and others are pure fiction.
Artie's Stories
Erotic stories, some of which deal with mind-control fantasies.
Austin Stories
Stories written by a young bisexual man. Most works focus on aspects of gay sexual relationships.
Bedtime Stories With Kelly
Erotic stories, including the 'Bedtime Stories' series, which has had some popularity on Usenet.
Carlee: A Thing of Beauty
Series and stories focusing on a sexually adventurous woman. Includes heterosexual and lesbian encounters.
Crimson Dragon
Short stories, including their 'Celestial Reviews' ratings, and excerpts of a novel-length story.
David Farr's Adult Fiction
Deals primarily with 'furries' (anthropomorphized animals).
The Dreams of Jennifer Doalfer
Erotic fantasies of one woman, some featuring exhibitionism.
Eye of Serpent
Collection of erotic tales of disturbing powers in the world.
Fantasies of Seduction
Erotica by Helen. Short stories and an intimate journal.
Imma Scared
Nightlands and Screamscapes - Stories involve primarily rape and other forms of nonconsensual sex.
The J. Espadero Library
Original and fanfiction erotica, including the erotic adventures of Jordan and Diego.
Jack of all Trades
Erotic stories featuring humor and romance.
John A.'s Stories & Museum of Smut
Erotic stories with defined plots and realistic characters. Works are more "stories with sex" than "sex stories." Many are romantic, some are humorous.
These stories deal with romantic themes, also features links to the authors other favorite sites.
Margie Donnadieu
This author's intense and dark stories are told in a series of short vignettes and images that make up the greater plot.
Maria's Site
Sexy, exhibitionistic stories with a humorous touch by Maria Gonzales.
Mars, Miranda
Laura's Story - The sexual experiences of a beautiful, young, professional, white woman who has a special desire and affinity for relationships with beautiful African-American women, including some teenagers.
Naismith, Miles
Several stories, many of which were reviewed quite favorably by Celestial Reviews.
Parz, JR
Focuses primarily on stories with mind control elements.
Peale, Bob
His stories run the full gamut of gender pairings with a variety of fetishes like bondage and exhibitionism.
Poison Ivan
A growing collection of stories by this respected Usenet author, also features reviews of the stories.
Poline's stories
Stories and photos about sex.
Richard Rivers Stories
Erotic and general stories featuring Asian themes and characters.
Senip, Rass
Stories dealing with mind control themes.
Senor Rojo
Assorted erotic stories as well as reader's reviews, many of the stories deal with Asian women.
Shadow Cleric
Collection of short "stroke" stories, and the longer epic, "Decurro".
Slow Hand
Erotic Nights - He likes to put an emphasis on storyline and plot in his longer works.
Things That Go Bump in the Night - Original erotic writing and poetry.
Spunk's Place
Erotic fiction by Spunk N. Wagnels, and other authors posted with permission.
A collection of stories and the images that inspired them, some deal with wifeswapping and adultery.
Stories often involve alien lifeforms, and some are inspired by Japanese animation.
Tell Me a Story, Desdmona
Stories and poetry, including one penned from "beyond the grave" by the character from Shakespeare's Othello.
Terrega, Katy
Pornographic fiction, all categorized for easy reference, with detailed story descriptions.
The erotic psuedo-fictional adventures of the narrator are collected here.
Urquhart, Jane
One author's erotica, many of which star herself as the main character, and also feature other regulars.
Vagabond, Krystoff
Anchorage Maiandros - Collection of his erotic works and art.
Vargas, Homer
Stories involving mind control and pregnancy feature prominently on this website.
Three series of stories, including the "Gang Bang Virgin Series".
Wet Dreams
An on-going collection of stories, including "The Sauna".
Erotic and romantic stories, usually containing elements of hypnosis and mind control.
The Wonderful World of Bradley Stoke
Novels and a variety of short stories.
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