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Bobby's Digital OTR - Old Time Radio
Buy, Sell, Trade OTR Old-Time Radio Programs in MP3 format on CDs.
Boston Blackie
detective radio program, Boston Blackie: "Enemy to those who make him an enemy. Friend to those who have no friend."
Candy Matson
Candy Matson, female detective, was a response to all the hard-boiled detectives from the 1940's
Dragnet: Badge 714
Jack Webb's career in Dragnet's radio, TV, and film productions.
Echoes of the Past
World War II recordings
Escape Suspense
broadcasts of Escape & Suspense
Fibber McGee and Molly
Fibber McGee and Molly old time radio show starring Jim & Marian Jordan.
Generic Radio Scripts
radio scripts from the Golden Age of Radio
Golden Age of Radio
Articles and texts about old time radio
Great Detectives in Old Time Radio
Old radio detectives from their first episode through their final bow.
Great Gildersleeve
The Great Gildersleeve old time radio show starring Harold Peary and Willard Waterman.
I Was A Communist for the FBI
radio and film based on the controversial true life of Matt Cvetic. Film and radio starring Frank Lovejoy and Dana Andrews.
Mercury Theatre of the Air
recordings of the 1930's radio show created by Orson Welles in Real Audio format
Nostalgia Page
Radio shows and special events.
Old Radio
Today in old radio history blog including streaming shows.
Old Radio Shows
favorite old time radio shows and broadcasts including rare programs in streaming MP3 format.
Old Time Radio Downloads
Old time radio downloads & streaming OTR shows.
Old Time Radio Shows
Blog about historical recordings, radio quiz, comedy, detective and musical radio broadcasts.
Quiet Please
1940s radio series titled Quiet, Please
Radio Mystery Theater
Free show downloads, online episode guide, & streaming CBS Mystery Theater in MP3.
Simply Radio Script
scripts from popular radio programs
Radio logs and old time radio shows
Yesterday USA Radio Networks
old time radio listening online
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