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The "Test and Measurement" category includes listings for manufacturers and distributors of test and measuring instruments, whose main product line or service consists of such things as electrical calibrators, references, standards, sources, insulation resistance testers and megohmmeters, function generators, analog and digital multimeters, signal generators, pulse generators, magnetic test equipment, electro-optical measurement products, time domain reflectometers, radio test sets, speaker testers and/or spectrum analyzers.

This category contains web sites of companies that sell, rent, lease or manufacture test and measurement equipment that will measure or produce an electrical quantity or signal that can be used for testing electrical or electronics equipment.

These products do not measure light, fat content, chemical composition, flow rate, amount of bubbles, weight or any other quantity other than electrical.

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Altadox Electronics Manufacturer
Manufactures multimeters, clamp-on meters, megohmmeters, thermometers, vibrometers, tachometers, LUX meters, function generators, oscilloscopes, frequency counters and calibrators.
APPA Technology Corp.
Manufacturer of electronic test instruments and meters.
Data recorders, monitoring systems, portable meters and sensors.
Bird Electronic Corporation
Manufacturer of RF power measurement, loads and other related equipment for the broadcast, semiconductor and wireless industries.
BK Precision
Manufacturer of a wide range of test and measurement equipment, multimeters, and oscilloscopes.
Braintek Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of machine step counter, timer, stop watch, temperatures, calorie meter, distance meter.
Clare Instruments
Manufacturers of safety electrical products, hipot testers, ground bond testers and EN50191 modules.
Cropico, Ltd.
Manufacturer of test instrument; digital ohmmeters and thermometers, resistance and capacitance decades and bridges, thermocouple and PRT switches.
DER EE Electrical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of digital multitester, thermometer, sound level meter, panel meter, shunt, current transformer, VU meter, pocket multimeter.
DJM Electronics Inc.
manufacturers and distributors of EMI filters, RF shielding products, RF absorber and shielding accessories.
Emulation Technology Inc.
Manufacturer of IC adapters for emulation tools and logic analyzers.
Manufacturer of electronic test and measurement tools, network troubleshooting equipment, cable testers, digital multimeters, electrical testers, process calibrators and calibration equipment.
Global Test Supply
Offers new and refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment.
Hameg Instruments
Describes its range of oscilloscopes, signal generators, instruments and power supplies.
Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.
Manufacturer of analog and digital panel meters as well as battery testers, multimeters, digital 1/8 din meters, and transducers.
Kaito Electronics,Inc.
Manufacturer of digital and analog multimeters and clamp on meters.
Meco Instruments P.Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter from India for analog, digital meters and multimeter.
Mittal Electronics Co.
Manufacturer of accessories for test and measurement.
Mueller Electric
Insulated test accessories, clips and insulators, test leads, insulated BNCs for the electronics, telecom, electrical, and automotive industries.
NDB Technologie Inc.
Manufacturer of micro-ohmeters, discharge meters, and power phasing instrumentation.
Precision Mastech Enterprises Co
Manufactures analogue and digital multimeters and various testing instruments.
Providing customized material analysis to industry and research laboratories in the analysis of surface and thin film composition of silicon based structures as well as compound semiconductors.
Redington Counters, Inc.
A manufacturer of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical counters, hour meters, indicators and controllers.
Scientific Mes-Technik Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacture general purpose test and measurement equipment.
Simpson Electric Co.
Digital and analog panel meters, counters, encoders, PID temperature controllers, sound level instruments, and hand-held test equipment.
Manufacturers of linear d.c. power supplies, 20 Mhz oscilloscope, digital multimeters, sound level meter, digital thermometers, temperature and humidity meter.
Tektronix, Inc.
A provider of oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal sources, communications, video and accessories for test, measurement and monitoring.
Teledyne LeCroy
Designs and manufactures oscilloscopes, serial data analyzers, and protocol analyzers to test, measure and analyze electronic signals.
Test Equipment Solutions Ltd
Used test equipment sales and rentals. All items are supplied tested with accessories and manuals as standard.
Test Products International
DMM, digital clamp-On meters, infrared thermometers and other handheld test and measurement equipment.
TICS - Test Instrument Computer Services
Supplies electronics testing and measuring equipment including oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, signal generators and power analyzers.
TMG Test Equipment
A privately owned test and measurement solution provider providing calibration, repair, asset disposal, asset procurement, asset management and stock holding of refurbished test equipment. Based in Australia.
Australian supplier of instrument and electrical test, measurement and calibration products, services and software solutions.
TTi - Thurlby Thandar Instruments
Manufacturer of laboratory bench power supplies and bus programmable power supplies.
Tucker Electronics
Distributor of new and reconditioned electronic test and measurement instruments and environmental chambers.
Vicom Australia Pty. Limited
Supplier and NATA accredited calibration provider of telecommunication test and measurement equipment.
Wayne Kerr, Inc.
Provides component testing products including LCR impedance analyser, capacitance bridge, magnetics analyzer, and EMC and RF test instruments.
WENS Precision Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of general purpose test equipment, automotive and telecommunication test and instrument including oscilloscope, tester and multimeter.

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