Electronic publications are those that are made available on a variety of digital and magnetic media, including magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, and downloadable computer files.

This category is for sites that focus on electronic publishing. Primarily it contains sites of businesses that specialize in this field, although it is also appropriate for sites of consultants, informational articles, and trade organizations.

Sites whose primary focus is the technology underlying e-books are not listed here, but instead in Computers: E-Books. Sites whose primary focus is the selling of e-books are not listed here either. They are found in Shopping: Publications: Digital.

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Site offers e-brochures and ebooks with digital, electronic, virtual 3D page turning effect.
ACR International LLC
Produces and publishes electronic books on CD-ROM's.
Advancis Digital brochures
Produces multimedia digital brochures complete with page-turning effect for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.
Alexander Street
Electronic publisher specializing in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
AND International Publishers
Offers publishing solutions based on transportation, navigation and reference databases.
Artmedia Publishing
Contemporary Australian and New Zealand literary and performing arts site, with eBooks, web site links, and monthly Physical Theatre and e-Publishing newsletters.
B&R Samizdat Express
Wide range of electronic books and articles available on CD-ROM, including world literature and advice on internet related business.
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
Publishes hypertext journals, hosts digital research archives, and cooperates with many international cyberculture organizations.
Clear Springs Press
Downloadable e-books on electronic publishing, alternative health and self-help.
Color Voodoo
Electronic books about colour and symbolism in web design, commercial art, fine art, architecture and interior design.
Conway Greene
Electronic publishing services for governments, associations, corporations and publishers.
Offering an electronic publishing solution that converts PDF files into an electronic "chapter book" with flip pages, giving users a realistic online reading experience.
Creative Data
Site offers conversion of technical publications, training materials and catalogs into various electronic formats, as well as multimedia and animation services.
Digital self publishing
Platform to publish and sell digital goods like ebooks, music or pictures.
DiskUs Publishing
Electronic publisher of fiction, non-fiction and audio books, either on diskette or for digital download.
DocSoft Electronic Publishers
Provides WebBook, a dynamically updated, Interactive Electronic Technical Manual, for use on intranet or CD ROM distribution.
Document Sciences Corporation
Develops, markets and supports family of document automation software products and services used in high volume electronic publishing applications. (Nasdaq: DOCX).
Double Dragon eBooks
Offering sci-fi, fantasy and supernatural tales from new writers.
Offers digital publishing of ebooks, print-on-demand paperbacks, design studio services, website design, domain registration and web hosting plans.
Publishes and posts electronic textooks, course packets, readers, and other materials for college students.
Floodle information ebooks
A listing of free ebooks available for download on a broad range of subjects.
Software converting PDF documents to a book with turning pages.
Foden Press
Publisher of fiction and nonfiction titles including business and marketing books and spreadsheets, children's books, novels and short stories, and insightful religious studies books.
Foremost Press
Publishers of fiction and non-fiction, in printed hard copy and in downloadable electronic version.
Frantically Furtive Minds
An Online publishing organization featuring amateur comics, poems, essays, stories, and other submissions.
Greenwood Electronic Media
Web-based research products for students and professionals.
Helping publishing and broadcast customers create and monetize digital editions, apps, CMS and responsive websites. Southborough, MA.
Haiabusa Studios
Online publisher of books, music and poetry.
Hopkins Technology
Internet and CD-ROM publisher on health, travel, culture and entertainment.
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Publishes defense and aerospace industry competitive intelligence databases, contracts and companies information.
Providing access to content through its collection of databases. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
InstaBook Corporation
A system offering publishers and authors instant print-on-demand hard copies.
The Knowhow Shop
Site offers free internet marketing ebooks.
London Circle Publishing
Offers a unique approach for self published authors by converting manuscripts or books to an electronic format.
Macroknow Inc.
Electronic publisher offering website development, distance learning, syndication, corporate problem-solving, research, and seminars.
Mushroom eBooks
Publishers of electronic books in various genres, including fiction and local interest books.
MV Design
Offering a full range of print and website graphic design features.
The creator of innovative software applications for electronic publishing.
Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd.
Offering high quality typesetting, data capturing SGML, XML and other electronic publishing services.
Octavo Digital Imaging
Octavo publishes and preserves rare books and manuscripts on CD-ROM using advanced digital photography.
Online Publishing
Offering digital products that feature audio, video, and text.
Site offers individuals access to eBooks, audiobooks and videos from their public libraries.
PayLoadz Express
Offers a service to sell intangible goods such as software, eBooks, music, podcasts, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, or any other file.
Pele Publications
Publishers of business books providing a fast-track into print, and offering an on-line reading room.
Providing printed information and meeting the electronic communication needs of the future.
Princeton Digital Library Publishing Service
Offers to convert back issues of paper journals and other publications to electronic form for web and CD-Rom publishing.
Pycomall offers a service to sell digital goods such as 3d objects, software, eBooks, sound clip, digital art, fonts, flash sources, files, or any other file.
Pythia Press
Small independent publisher of works illustrating the extremes of human behavior.
QA International
Content built around computer images, published in print and electronic media
Serious Hypertext
We create new hypertext technologies and publish serious hypertext, fiction and non-fiction.
Sky Creative Media Group
Multimedia reference works on CD-ROM
Stibo Graphic printing and publishing
Stibo Graphic offers advanced publishing solutions – both printed and electronic – for publishers of directories, catalogues, periodicals and magazines.
Technical Documentation Services Company
A distributor of LinkOne Electronic Documentation Software, providing hyperlinked,interactive technical publications delivery via CD-Rom, Internet, and Intranet.
TraDigital Stuttgart
The latest technologies for the production and conservation of high quality books, including digitized typefaces in Arabic.
Mimics the effect of turning real pages online. It is a complete electronic edition of the document.
Virtualbookworm.com Publishing
Publishes books in both print and electronic formats.

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