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Applicability of Flax and Hemp as Raw Materials for Production of Cotton-like Fibers and Blended Yarns in Poland
Review of basic research and new concepts in the processing of flax and hemp fiber focused on the production of cotton and wool like fibers and yarns. Authors: Waldemar Cierpucha and others. [PDF]
The Application of Untoxic Polymers at Sizing and Bleaching Textile Processes
Technical paper about the use of untoxic and water soluble polymers in cotton yarn sizing and bleaching operations. Authors: Dragan M. Djordjevic and others. [PDF]
Blended Yarns with a Content of Biological Active Fibers
Technical paper about research into the development of a technology aimed at manufacturing yarns from antimicrobial and antifungal fibers for apparel fabrics. Authors: Tadeusz Jackowski and others. [PDF]
Coal Acids - A Potential Warp Size for Continuous Filament Yarns
Working paper summarizing the results of an evaluation of a mixture of water soluble aromatic polycarboxylic acids produced by caustic oxygen oxydation of coal for its potential as warp sizing agent for continuous filament yarns. Authors: Keith B. Bozer and others. [PDF]
A Comparative Study on the Quality Control of Jute Yarn Conventional Drawing Method vs Modern Drawing Method
Technical paper presenting the results of a comparative study of the effectiveness of quality control in mono-head high-speed and the traditional push-bar type drawing systems. Authors: A.K.M. Mahabubuzzaman and others. [PDF]
Comparison of Different Theoretical Models of Fancy Yarns
Technical paper presenting an experimental comparison of fancy yarns of various structures, using two different theoretical models for predicting the coil length of the binder yarns. Authors: S. Perulyté and D. Petrulis. [PDF]
Development of Characterization Methodologies of Fiber Surface Characteristics: Surface/Process Analysis
Technical paper presenting a study of the friction behaviour of as-spun yarns as part of a larger research effort aimed at developing methodologies which can be utilised for fiber surface characterization. Authors: Yehia E. El Mogahzy and others. [PDF]
The Effect of Knitting and Wearing Conditions on the Tensile Characteristics of Blended Yarns
Technical paper analysing the effects of the knitting process, washing procedures and tumbling on the tensile characteristics of blended yarns constructed from wool, cotton and acrylic. Authors: B. Tvarijonaviciené and others. [PDF]
Effect of Spindle Diameter and Spindle Working period on the Properties of 100% Viscose MVS Yarns
Technical paper presenting the results of a study on the effects of various spindle diameters and working periods on the properties of viscose MVS yarns, evaluated on the basis of unevenness, hairiness, elongation at break, tenacity and work-of-break (B-work) values. Authors: Huseyin Gazi Ortlek and others. [PDF]
Effect of Yarn Parameters on the Knittablity of Glass Ply Yarn
Technical paper investigating the knittablity of glass ply yarns of different parameters by testing their mechanical performance using a self-developed knit simulating apparatus. Authors: Xiao-ming Liua and others. [PDF]
Impact of Sizing on Physico-Mechanical Properties of Yarn
Technical paper examining breaking force, elongation at break and abrasion resistance before and after the sizing of yarns spun in five different spinning mills. Authors: Stana Kovacevic and Zeljko Penava. [PDF]
The Making of Fiber Glass Yarns
Description of the manufacturing process of textile yarns from continuous glass fibers. Detailed production flow chart, clickable for additional information. From PPG Industries.
Mechanical Properties and a Physical-Chemical Analysis of Acetate Yarns
Technical paper about an investigation of the properties of yarns from cellulose acetate fibers derived from cotton linters or wood pulp cellulose, and manufactured by different commercial yarn spinners. Authors: R. Pociene and others. [PDF]
Neps, Seed-Coat Fragments, and Non-Seed Impurities in Processed Cotton
Technical paper presenting the results of a study on the effect of mechanical processing procedures on the presence of defects in cotton by examining samples of four different ginning and lint cleaning combinations, collected after carding and combing. Authors: Karin R. Jacobson and others. [PDF]
Periodic and Chaotic Motion in Sirofil Yarn Spinning
Technical paper about the establishment of a dynamic model for two-strand yarn processing through approximating the oscillating frequencies of sirofil spinning in horizontal and vertical directions, enabling the analysis of the stability and chaotic characters of sirofil spinning and resulting in a suggestion of optimal spinning conditions for this system. Authors: Li-Na Zhang and Ji-Huan He. [PDF]
Properties of Close Packing of Filaments in Yarn
Study analysing a hypothetical model of the close cross-sectional structure of yarn, and some peculiarities of close packing of yarn. Authors: Donatas Petrulis and Salvinija Petrolyte. [PDF]
Quality of Yarns Spun Using Ring, Compact and Rotor Spinning Machines as a Function of Selected Spinning Process Parameters
Technical paper presenting an analysis of the quality parameters of carded and combed medium staple cotton yarns of various linear densities manufactured using the ring, compact and rotor spinning technologies. Authors: Lidia Jackowska-Strumillo and others. [PDF]
Size Lubrication Methods for Air-Jet Spun and Ring-Spun Warp Yarns
Comparative study addressing the effect of size concentration and lubrication on yarn characteristics and weaving performance of conventional ring spun and air-jet spun polyester and cotton blended yarns. Authors: Howard L. Thomas Jr. and James M. Zeiba. [PDF]
Steps in Processing Wool into Yarn
Short descriptions of fleece skirting, and wool washing, picking, carding, roving, spinning and finishing processes. From the Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill web site.
Study about the Interactions Between Melange Yarn Properties and Fiber Damage
Technical paper presenting a study about cotton fiber damage and its effect on the properties of ring and open-end rotor spun greige and dyed melange yarns. Authors: A.A. Gharehaghaji and others. [PDF]
Textile Link Articles
Collection of articles on yarn spinning, knitting, fiber and yarn terms and definitions, and wool breeds and grades. Author: Rosemary Brock.
What's That Stuff?
Short article on the history, development and chemical structure of spandex, published in Chemical and Engineering News. Author: Marc Reisch.
Yarn Strength Dependence on Test Length
Technical paper about the evaluation of yarn strength changes, and the auto-correlation functions of the strength of short yarn links in standard yarn breakage tests. Author: Pavol Lizak. [PDF]
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