This category is involved with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks) technology and companies that support it.

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ACARD Technology Corp.
Designs and manufactures storage solutions, including SCSI to IDE converters, disk duplicators, and small RAID units of 2 to 4 drives.
Accusys RAID
Manufacturer of a line of Fibre-to-SATA and SCSI-to-SATA storage products.
Manufactures adapters, cables and accessories.
Adjile Systems
VAR for private-labeled Adaptec and Infortrend storage solutions, also LTO/AIT/DLT tape drives and libraries, installation, service and support.
Advanced Computer and Network Corporation
Manufactures a broad range of Fibre-to-SATA, U320-to-SATA, and NAS RAID systems. Also has legacy Fibre-to-SCSI and Fibre-to-IDE products.
American Megatrends Inc.
Famous BIOS company which has had a storage division for many years. New products in development include iSCSI RAID units which can serve files as well as block i/o.
Apple Xserve RAID
Apple's rack-optimized fibre channel hardware RAID; qualified for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
Provides fibre channel RAID storage for digital video systems.
Development and manufacture of IDE RAID 1 and SATA RAID 1 disk mirroring hardware, drive copier and drive to drive backup solutions.
Arena Maxtronic, Inc.
Manufacturer of RAID solutions sold under the Arena model name.
Avante Digital
VAR for Infortrend RAID products and many tape libraries. Offers professional services, support, and maintenance.
Caen Engineering
VAR for Infortrend, Fibrenetix, Adaptec, and Intransa RAID systems. Also sells tape libraries.
Digi-Data Corporation
Manufacturer of high performance Fibre Channel RAID controllers.
Dot Hill Systems Corp.
Dot Hill is a manufacturer of high-end SAN storage solutions.
Dynamic Network Factory
VAR for Infortrend and Proware RAID systems.
EMC Corporation
The enterprise storage company, enterprise level RAID arrays. Sells mid-range products under the Clariion name, some of which are also marketed by Dell. Also sells Centera, which is storage for fixed content and compliance applications.
Specializing in quad xeon servers and dual PIII servers, and can meet all your RAID storage needs.
HighPoint Technologies
High performance storage devices for personal computers including the HPT366/368 Ultra66 IDE controller and the IDE RAID controller.
Hitachi Data Systems
Markets a range of information technology solutions worldwide, including enterprise servers, storage subsystems, peripheral products, and services.
Infortrend Corporation
RAID Controllers feature ultra-high performance and fault tolerance. Configurations include redundant-capable PCI, SCSI, and Fibre.
Intelligent Quality Storage Solutions (IQSS)
Specializing in SATA, SCSI, Firewire and Fibre-Channel RAIDs. Also offer storage area network and network attached storage solutions. Based in Irvine, CA.
International Computer Concepts, Inc
Manufacture of file servers and workstations, RAID, NAS, SAN storage solutions.
MPAK Technologies, Inc.
Provider of high performance storage solutions for the open systems market.
MTI Technology
Provides continuous access to online information through fault tolerant, cross-platform data storage servers for the enterprise.
Promise Technology, Inc.
Provides ATA RAID for both entry-level and mid-range server applications. Also manufactures Ultra ATA/66 and Ultra ATA/100 controllers.
Plug and play RAID systems which use inexpensive IDE or SCSI drives, completely OS independent and ready to use.
RAID, Inc.
Manufacturer of high performance RAID arrays backed by twenty four hour service and support.
RAIDking Technologies
Adaptive RAID storage solutions.
Southern Technology Group
Viking RAID series is a fault-tolerant, cost effective, external storage solution.
Manufactures RAID hardware, equipment and subsystems.
Studio Network Solutions
Storage technology company specializing in products and services for the audio and video production industries.
Ultera Systems
Provides RAID for removable storage backup solutions, data striping and mirroring for disaster recovery applications and full library robotics support.
Winchester Systems
Complete line of scalable, performance-based RAID systems.
For OEMs and integrators, offers cost competitive, expandable storage subsystems combined with future-ready interface and disk technologies in a highly modular form.
Z Microsystems
Field-ready rugged mass storage systems with the SmartStor family of high performance SCSI RAID storage solutions designed for extreme environments.
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