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Auto Debug System
An auto-tracing tool to spy Window API and COM Interface calls.
This tool implements full 'gdb' support for the 'vim' editor. Site includes feature overview, documentation, installation notes, screenshots, mailing list, bug tracking and download option. [GPL]
Tool for debugging of embedded Linux applications. Site includes documentation, platform coverage, download option, and tips and tricks section. [GPL v3]
DDD - Data Display Debugger
A graphical X Window front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, Ladebug, JDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, or the Python debugger.
Deviare API Hook
This Code Interception Library can be used to intercept arbitrary API calls, and thus control any application's code execution. It can be used in any COM supporting language like C++, VB and .NET. Site includes documentation, download option, demonstration videos, a product blog, and examples. [Free software, registration required]
GDB: The GNU Debugger
The standard debugger for the GNU software system. Runs on many Unix-like systems, supports Ada, C, C++, FreeBASIC, Free Pascal and Fortran. Site includes release schedule, documentation, download option, news, bug reports and mailing lists.
Google Beaver Debugger
Cross-platform GDB frontend with graphical user interface for C++, C and QScript. Site includes download option, open issues overview, source code access and blogs. [Lesser GPL]
HP WDB Debugger
An HP-supported implementation of the GNU GDB debugger.
Graphical user interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB) that is written in Tcl/Tk. Site includes screenshots, download option, bug database, and FAQ section. [GPL v2, v3]
Microsoft Debugging Tools
Downloads and related resources for debugging tools for Windows. - Category Debugging
Series of articles on the topic of debugging, in the form of a blog. Most articles were written in 2008/2009 timeframe.
Online Regular Expression Validator
One page web-site that offers a very basic mechanism to enter regular expressions and to test if provided input matches these. Result output is in the form of some sort of parse tree.
Allows the use of 'vim' as a debugger front-end. Provides support for the 'gdb' and 'pdb' debuggers (Unix/Windows). Site includes news, installation notes, FAQ, documentation and download option. [GPL]
Sankhya Tools for Software Development
Sankhya Simulator, a retargetable Instruction Set Simulator that loads ELF/DWARF and S-Record Files; Sankhya Debugger, a simple assembly level system debugger.
A logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications. Includes various logging libraries and a graphical viewer application. Site includes screenshots, tour, articles, and details of features. [Commercial, with free trial]
Spline Technologies Corporation
Offers debuggers for ASP, JavaScript, and VBS. Information available on features and system requirements as well as an online demo. [Commercial]
TimeMachine Debugging Suite
Forward and backward (in time) debugger for embedded C/C++ by Green Hills Software. Site includes some documentation, screenshot, and datasheet. [Commercial]
Wikipedia: Debugging
Article with links to many related topics. Article includes origin, scope, tools, process, and techniques.
Visual Studio add-in for debugging embedded targets, local Cygwin/MinGW applications or Unix programs on remote machines using GDB as a backend and SSH protocol for communication. Most Visual Studio debugger features are supported. Site includes a feature overview, screenshots, trial download option, and purchasing information.
Zeta Debugger
Stand-alone debugger for C/C++ applications, running on MS-Windows platforms, supporting Borland C++ and Visual C++. Site includes feature overview, documentation, screenshots, download option, source code access. [MIT License]
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