Testing tools help to plan, automate, speed-up and standardize software tests. Thus, especially in large projects cost reduction within the development process is possible due to fewer product failures and cheaper test processes.

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Advanced QTP
A weblog offering tutorials and advice in programming with QuickTest Professional.
The company offers Plug-ins for the IDE Eclipse providing Load Testing, Java code coverage and test management. The Load Testing tool supports HTTP, HTTPS, Socket (TCP/IP), JMS and RMI. [Commercial, Budapest, Hungary]
Automated Solutions, Inc.
Online training and consulting of the Mercury Interactive product line (WinRunner, TestDirector and QuickTest Pro).
BugHuntress Testing Tools
Offers a testing tool for Palm applications which requires no additional hardware as well as unit test frameworks for the Brew and Symbian platforms. [Commercial]
Cleanscape Software Development Automation Tools
Offers TestWise, a software visualization toolkit for C and C++ programs, Grayboxx, a testing solution for software written in C, Fortran, Ada, and Assembly and static analyzers for C, C++ and Fortran. [Commercial, trial version]
Conformiq Test Generator
A model-based software test automation tool for Windows platforms and Linux allowing users to define software tests using UML. It supports C, C++, C# and Java. [Commercial, trial]
Coverity, Inc.
Develops platform solutions for compile-time source code analysis in C, C++, and Java featuring defect detection analyses that were used for parts of the Linux and OpenBSD operating systems. [Commercial, trial version]
Edgewords, Ltd.
Provides training in the Mercury Interactive Testing Products based in Telford, Shropshire. Training courses are scheduled monthly for WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP and TestDirector.
Performance testing, monitoring and management tools and services for web, call center, network infrastructure and IP storage applications. [Commercial, trial versions]
Green Hat Software Ltd.
Creators of GH Tester, an automated software testing solution for multiple platforms, including SOA and message-based technologies. The company offers solutions, training and services. [Commercial, demo version]
GS DataGenerator
An automated, enterprise-scalable data generation tool that supports quality assurance, stress testing, usability analysis, system integration, ERP, CRM and data warehouse development, and software marketing. [Commercial, trial version]
Provides of range of test and prototype tools to test the different aspects of interface driven ICT applications and offers the accompanying services.
Interactive TKO (iTKO), Inc.
Developer of the LISA Composite Application Testing Software, an automated software testing solution for multiple platforms. The Company also offers associated services, consulting and training. [Commercial]
Klocwork Inc.
Provides solutions for source code analysis for C, C++ and Java to identify and resolve security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, quality defects and architectural issues.
Suppliers of the LDRA Testbed and LDRA TBRun software testing toolkits and associated services.
LoadRunner & QTP (QuickTest Professional) tutorials
The site contains visual and video tutorials on the HP tools LoadRunner and QTP.
M Squared Technologies LLC
Offers enterprise programming software tools, software metrics, source code metrics and code quality analysis.
ManageEngine QEngine
An automated testing tool for functional testing, performance testing, web services testing and regression testing of web applications and web services, available for Windows and Linux. [Commercial, trial version]
The MathWorks, Inc.
The company offers verification and validation tools for real-time, distributed, embedded and mission critical software, taking advantage of abstract interpretation techniques and static analysis of for C, C++ and Ada source code. [Commercial]
McCabe Application Lifecycle Management Solutions
Software quality evaluation tools that evaluate the thoroughness of testing software changes and provide metrics. Available for Windows, Unix variants and Linux. [Commercial]
Offline client for Mercury Quality Center and TestDirector which enables test execution to continue in disconnected environments. Offers test planning and analyzing a central server, but test execution is not tied to a certain location.
The Original Software Group Ltd.
Provides testing tools, which offer GUI testing, test management, web testing automation for IBM iSeries and database testing for SQL Server, Oracle and DB2. [Commercial]
Ounce Labs, Inc
Software security solution that analyzes source code to produce details and remediation advice about software security vulnerabilities for use by development, QA, certification, and security audit teams. [Commercial]
Parasoft Testing Tools
Unit test and code compliance tools for Java, C++, .NET, Web and SOA applications for Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. [Commercial, trial versions]
Power Software - Krakatau & VisualizeIt
Tools to aid software development by calculating software metrics and showing relationships within systems source code to help with code comprehension, reverse engineering, program understanding and source documentation.
QA Systems
Develops tools for software assessment and software quality compliance. Offers QStudio Enterprise, a tool to assess the quality of software by integrating 3rd party code analyzers. [Commercial, trial version]
Quality Assurance Studio
Tool Suite consisting of Test Case Studio, Problem Tracking and Reporting and Change Request. It is Lotus Notes based and Workflow enabled. [Commercial]
Rapita Systems Ltd.
Offers RapiTime: a suite of tools for analyzing the worst-case execution time (WCET) of software components written in C, assembler or Ada. [Commercial]
Automated testing and validation of Simulink and Stateflow models. Reactis Tester generates test suites from models while Reactis Validator checks for violations of requirements in models. [Shareware]
Resource Standard Metrics and Quality Analysis Tool
Provides a standard method for analyzing C, ANSI C++ and Java source code across operating systems.
Ring-Zero Software
Adapters for IBM/Rational TestManager, tying it to Telelogic DOORS, Borland CaliberRM, Segue SilkTest, Mercury QuickTest and IBM Rational ClearQuest. [Commercial, trial version]
Semantic Designs, Inc. - Test Coverage Tools
The tools, which provide statistics and detailed information about which parts of an application program have been executed, are available for standard languages (C, C++, C#, Java, COBOL), other languages are possible. A white paper shows how to implement test coverage. [Commercial]
SilkTest FAQ and technical interview questions
A weblog with FAQ, technical interview questions, tips and tricks for the Borland SilkTest tool.
Simplify Software Solutions
Software Development and Test Automation Tools for ATM Terminals and Bank Branches [Commercial].
SmartBear Software
Products for testers, software developers and quality assurance engineers. This site contains many white papers on software testing, performance tuning and detecting memory leaks. [Commercial, trial versions]
Offers SOASTA Concerto which automates the testing, certification, and demonstration of web services, SOA implementations, BPEL orchestrations, and web applications. [Commercial]
Software Testing Tools and Integrations
Reviews of functional testing tools tools and integrations that add value to them. Understanding and streamlining a software testing process.
Software Verification
Software tools to help identify and fix common programming errors, such as memory leaks; code coverage analysis tools.
Allows to create tests for GUI (Qt, Tk, XView) and Web applications (different web browsers and platforms) by recording or manually writing test scripts. It also includes tools to automate nightly test runs. [Commercial, trial version]
T-VEC Technologies
Model-based test automation solutions reduce cost of verification and validation by identifying defects early to reduce rework, while generating test vectors and test drivers. Available for professional Windows platforms. [Commercial]
Test Engine
Executes scripts on many Windows PCs against a Device Under Test. Runs as a native Windows service allowing to submit Perl, Tcl, or other scripts as "jobs" to one or many PCs. [Shareware]
Test Management Software
A Windows- and Web-based solution to manage test cases, perform test runs and create test plans. Free-of-charge for personal and Open Source use.
Testing Tools for C, C++ and Java
An overview of Testwell/Verifysoft tools for metrics analysis, coverage and unit tests.
TestPlant Ltd.
Offers eggPlant, a range of software testing tools, from functional to load and performance. It is capable of automating tasks on several operating systems.
Testtools Links Collection
A test tools links collection with tool names and manufacturers.
Software test management tool delivered via the internet to create test scripts for functional test execution.
Testing tools for C, C++ and Java languages applicable in code-level unit testing (test harnessing, test coverage), systems testing (test coverage) and static analysis (code metrics) sub-phases of testing.
Capture/replay and coverage tools for UNIX and Windows. [Commercial, demo versions]
Offers UniTesK, a methodology of software testing based on formal specifications, and automated testing tools that support the methodology for different programming languages.
Verifysoft Technology GmbH
Unit tests, coverage analysis, metrics for C, C++, and Java tests factory.
An automated Migration Platform (CMP) that provides a knowledge-driven environment for automatically migrating Mercury WinRunner scripts and resources to corresponding Quick Test Professional (QTP) scripts/resources.
A Win32 application that can be used as a Web server load test, HTML form test and application server testing tool. [Shareware]
WorkSoft, Inc.
Provides enterprise test automation tools to span applications, platforms and test tools while shielding users from the complexities of script languages.
ZTI Communications
Develops and offers software testing tools for IP networks, timing and synchronization solutions. [Commercial, trial versions]

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