Acxiom Corporation
Provides range of information services and products geared towards enterprise data management and retrieval.
Advanced Software Applications
Data mining, analysis, and decision support software including predictive modeling, custom clustering, segmentation, scoring, rank order and profiling.
Alyuda Research, Inc.
Provides neural network software for data mining and forecasting as well as consulting and research services in neural networks and data mining.
Angoss Software Corporation
Developer of advanced data mining software and solutions for business users. Products include KnowledgeSTUDIO and KnowledgeSEEKER.
The Chi-Square Works, Inc.
Specializing in dynamic graphics-based data exploration and visualization systems (e.g., Panmo) with emphasis on high-content screening (HCS) at the cell level.
The Data Mining Group
Consortium of technology organizations developing the Predictive Modeling Markup Language (PMML) and predictive modeling standards based APIs.
Data-Miner Software Kit
Consists of routines for predictive data mining. Runs under Unix, Windows 9x/2000/XP or Certified 100% Pure Java. Includes classical and state-of-the-art prediction methods.
Direct Insite
Providers of data mining and data visualization software, EBPP, professional services and transaction rating and billing services to the telecommunications market.
Builds classifiers using association rules. Developed at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore.
Exclusive Ore Inc.
Consulting group specializing in data mining. Known for XAffinity.
IBM Knowledge Management Solutions
Tools that helps knowledge workers to present organized, understandable information in the right business context. Includes case studies and trial version.
Develops, markets, supports integrated line of statistical software products that let users effectively bring marketplace and enterprise data to bear on decision-making.
Provides analytical solutions that assist organizations improve the quality of their daily decisions.
Provides tools to find out the vital information from your data.
Self-Organizing Data Mining for your Mac. It works using three advanced self-organizing modeling technologies: Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH Neural Networks), Analog Complexing and Fuzzy Rule Induction. This is the first time that all of these algorithms have been available in one place on any computer platform.
Magnify, Inc.
Data Mining Software and Predictive Modeling Software for the financial services and insurance industries.
Management Intelligenter Technologien GmbH
Data mining and clustering software for numerical and textual data. Main product is DataEngine. Interfaces to LabView and BridgeView. DataEngine is a software tool for data analysis in which fuzzy rules, fuzzy clustering, neural networks and fuzzy neural systems are offered in combination with mathematics, statistics and signal processing.
Designs, develops and sells decisioning software that maximizes the capital value of the customer asset. Provides true mathematical constraint-based optimization software.
Megaputer Intelligence, Ltd.
Provides a family of solutions for data mining, knowledge discovery in databases, and natural language text retrieval and analysis. Best known for PolyAnalyst
Provides advanced visualization, sonification and speech technologies for interactive data analysis, real-time data mining and for visual navigation through complex information systems. Products.
Mobile and Distributed Data Mining
AGNIK, LLC specializes in mobile and distributed Data Mining software.
Partek Incorporated
Pattern recognition software used in life sciences and engineering for gene expression (microarray) data analysis, high throughput screening, and drug design including SAR and ADME prediction.
PolyVista, Inc.
Front-end software for Microsoft Analysis Services that integrates OLAP, data mining, and 3D data visualization.
Portrait Software
Provides customer analytics and interaction management tools.
QL2 Software
Specializes in web data harvesting and extraction using SQL-like query language (WebQL).
Retsel Group
Report Miner documents Crystal Report files for both developers and end-users to enhance understanding of reports and can identify differences between report files.
RuleQuest Research
Produces knowledge discovery and data mining tools for Unix and Windows 95/98/NT/2000. These include See5 (decision trees) aka C5 and Magnum Opus (association rules).
An advanced engine to provide data mining solutions software for 1 to 1 marketing and personalization.
Salentica Systems Inc.
An end to end analytics solution that creates and distributes knowledge to empower financial service providers to operate at their peak effectiveness.
Salford Systems
Provider of data-mining and choice-modeling software and consultation services.
Screen Scraper
Products and services for web site data extraction. Flagship product, screen-scraper, provides a GUI to define links to follow and information to extract, and works with several programming languages and platforms.
Smart Research BV
Statistical Modeling and Artificial Reasoning Technology for solving complex problems using intelligent techniques such as neural networks and graphical models.
Emphasis on unique visual discovery and visualization, esp. for life sciences.
Provides information about StatSoft's complete line of data analysis software.
Provides information about StatSoft's range of software for data mining, data analysis, quality control, graphics and web-based analysis.
Stonefield Query
End-user data mining, querying, reporting, and business intelligence tool. Also offer an associated development kit for building custom reporting.
Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc.
Develops and markets webspider applications and services. Products and services include offline browser Teleport Pro, Dataplex, a worldwide data mining service, and WebDisc.
Provides a scalable, extensible system for real-time predictive analytics.
Offers software that animates data, creating interactive displays that interface directly with databases.
Visual Analytics Inc.
Visual data mining and link analysis systems, pattern and trend detection, visualization, VisuaLinks. Popular with Government and Military data work.
WizSoft Software
Develops software based on mathematical algorithms, mainly for the business sector in the fields of data mining, data auditing, concept-based text search engines, knowledge management, computational linguistics, accounting and inventory management, and operations research.
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