Wallpapers in this category must be free of charge. Small collections are welcome here, but if you have a site with many categories and wallpapers, it should be submitted to http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Desktop_Customization/Wallpaper/Directories/
100 Free Wallpapers
Image topics include movies, sports and cartoons.
3Data Design
Offers galleries of wallpaper and other digital art, mostly 800X600 and 1024X768, with some 1280X960 and 1600X1200, and some dual screen images.
Abstract Limits
Wallpaper gallery for common desktop resolutions, and including abstracts, country and nature scenes.
Pictures of anime, nature scenes, cars and female celebrities.
Antique Collector
Antique, art and architecture related images. Includes a section on how to install wallpaper.
Bad Ass Band Backgrounds
Several images, including lyrics, for bands. Custom wallpapers created upon request.
Bulgarian folk wallpaper in sizes 800x600 and 1024x768.
Beautiful Wallpapers
A weblog containing the blogger's favorite wallpapers. Features scenes and objects.
Better Homes and Gardens
Images include holidays such as Kwanzaa, wedding and summer themes.
Wallpaper themes include holidays, cars, nature, animals and architecture.
Features cars images, organized by manufacturer.
Cloudeight Wonderscreens
Active desktop wallpaper. These images may scroll, there may be falling snow, or some other movement effect.
Computer Free Wallpapers
Contains a collection of images including abstract, cartoons, flowers, games, and wild life.
cool-RR's Photoshop Creations
Computer generated abstract and Star Wars images made by Ram Rachum.
Desktop Pictures
Original high-quality images, including scenic, Florida beaches, abstract, Haiku letters and flowers.
Desktop Wallpaper
Contains several categories, including cars, anime and religion.
A small collection of car wallpapers, organized by manufacturer.
Dieselstation Media
Exotic car wallpapers and a weblog about them.
Offers numerous 3D kaleidoscope effect images.
The Duck Tape Club
Manco's Duck Brand duct tape site offers seasonal wallpapers for Windows and Mac.
Finest Quotes
A collection of images featuring inspirational quotes.
Football Wallpapers
Images of soccer stars and teams.
Photographic wallpapers of various stages of a bent fork, in 1024 x 768 resolution.
Free 4U Wallpapers
Includes aviation, fantasy, girls and oceanlife.
Free Movie-TV Wallpaper
Free desktop images from movies and TV shows, past and present. Official studio release wallpaper.
Free Wallpaper by Rusty
Original images, featuring beautiful women. 1024x768 or 800x600 screen resolutions.
Images for Mac, including Star Wars, old cars, and fractals.
Gaia Wallpapers
This collection offers a variety of high quality images, in categories like 3D, hand-drawn and photography.
Graffiti Wallpaper
Features several sizes including wide screen, with topics such as flowers, landscapes, food and wildlife.
Harley-Davidson Wallpapers
A collection of Harley-Davidson wallpapers.
Haryo's Homepage
A wallpaper collection that includes Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Hello Kitty.
HD Wallpapers.eu
Wallpapers such as sci-fi, games, abstract, landscape, and 3D, in numerous sizes including widescreen.
Movie, TV, game and comic book images, as well as some sports.
High Quality Stock Wallpapers
Images in categories including celebrities, cars and Windows Vista.
HQ Wallpapers
A weblog with some original, high resolution wallpapers.
Japan Airlines
Images of JAL aircraft in several resolutions.
Jason Doucette's Wallpapers
Images created using Adobe Photoshop. Offers exotic sports cars and the Mandelbrot Set.
Collection of tiling images includes toy ducks, presidents and abstract art.
Humorous images about computers and popular culture.
Categories include nature, cars, motorcycles, movies and celebrities.
Love Wallpapers
Offers a collection of love themed images including flowers, hearts and Valentine's Day.
Includes sailing ships, Chinese landscapes, cartoons and fantasy. Search by color feature.
Motor Trend Wallpaper Gallery
Car wallpapers at Motor Trend magazine, including sports cars, concepts and exotics.
Movie Asia
Large collection of Asian movie wallpapers, including from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.
NDR Project Wallpapers
The featured monthly wallpaper is available in many resolutions, including widescreen.
Other Worlds
A collection of rendered images, including fantasy, science fiction and natural landscapes. Mac OS.
Offers free public domain photos and desktop wallpapers. Images may be used for any purpose, including commercial. Includes nature, cities and landscapes.
Ruchir's Wallpaper World
Collection includes cartoons, space, movies, transportation, and nature.
Shineout Graphics
Free desktop images and seamless textures. Includes animated backgrounds, fractals, flowers and landscapes in Alberta, Canada.
Snooky's Place
Contents includes teddy bears, animals and holidays.
Free wallpapers include Japanese, Korean and Chinese celebrities, military, fashion and widescreen.
Splendid Wallpapers
A collection of wallpapers images, including butterflies, Angelina Jolie, couples and children.
Stephen's Wallpaper
Original patterns and a ship image, for Windows and Macintosh.
Success Wallpapers
Offers wallpapers with an inspirational theme and success quote. Includes the topics of vision, diversity and integrity.
T.C. Design
Fractal and digital designs as well as some celebrities.
Ten Eighty Wallpapers
Images of cars, movies, snowboarding, surfing, and wake boarding. 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions.
Photographic images by Adhitya R. Putra, featuring animals and objects.
Original images of automobiles, available in 800x600, 1024x768 and 1600x1200 resolutions.
Wallpaper of posable plastic dolls, from 640x480 to 1024x768.
A weblog offering artistic desktop photography, with scenes that include the Alps and musicians.
Valentinos Wallpapers
This wallpaper source includes animals, cartoon characters and digital art.
Vista Wallpaper
Features wallpapers in several categories, including anime, landscapes and military.
VW wallpapers
Various Volkswagen models. Accepts submissions.
Wallpaper Dude
Original cartoon images, in 800x600 and 1024x768 pixels.
The Wallpaper Gallery
Original images created using Adobe Photoshop. Genres include movies, nature, places, and transportation.
Wallpaper HD
High definition wallpapers in categories including cars, places and animals.
The Wallpaper King
Images are organized into the categories of women, men, music, movies, television and other.
The Wallpaper Studio
Nature photographs include scenes in Alaska, Utah, Washington and Vermont.
A collection of Islamic wallpapers.
Celebrity, children's, movie, and car wallpapers for various screen resolutions.
Abstract and photo wallpapers in several resolutions.
Wallpapers 247
1024x768 wallpapers include jungle scenes, the Swiss Alps, and Panama.
Includes dogs and cats, computer, countries, military, girls and games.
Original artwork by Toni Lea Combs. Topics include nature, art, car and animated images.
Contains categories including aircraft, nature and animals.
Includes waterfalls, animals and famous landmarks.
Featured 800x600 images are available in music, superstars, cities, landscapes, aircraft and underwater scenes categories.
A collection of wallpapers. Includes 3D, celebrities and motorcycles.
Features high quality wallpapers, including classics, Italian and muscle cars.
Wide Walls
Offers wallpaper images of cars, models, abstracts and animals.
Computer and mobile wallpapers in several categories, including celebrities, movies, and cartoon.
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