This category has information related to only embedded Linux, in other words, Linux-based embedded systems information, uses, and closely related material. Embedded systems are not the same as realtime systems. Embedded systems can use normal OSs, and realtime types. Embedded OSs are often used in embedded Internet computing devices, Internet appliances, controllers of many types, PDAs, and more.

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All Linux Devices
Daily source of embedded Linux information. Linux Today format.
ELKS: Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset
Project goals: make a small Linux port for 8086/8088, 80186, 80286 class CPUs, palmtop computers, single board microcomputers, embedded controller systems, old systems. Bootable floppy version available. Kernel image uses 200K, full running system uses 400K-512K.
Embedded Linux Platform Specification
Full text of the specification originally produced by the Embedded Linux Consortium, and now hosted by the Linux Foundation.
Turn-key product development; Linux: porting, drivers, kernel support.
Error 418 - I'm a Teapot
A blog about the creation of a Rasperry Pi webserver embedded on a teapot.
Federal Technologies Limited
Ports of Linux to embedded systems.
G Palmtop Environment
GPE provides an open source framework and applications for applications on PDAs and similar handheld devices.
Microtronix Datacom Ltd.
Realtime embedded Linux solutions. FPGA systems using embedded Linux let OEMs create devices and systems while cutting time to market, system requirements, and cost per unit.
Mind NV
Services: project development, outsourcing, consulting, platform support, custom or standard boards; for ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, Intel; using Debian, Embedded Linux, eCos, Free Virtual Machines, gcc, gdb, JVM, RTAI. Leuven, Belgium.
An open source project providing coding assistance, guides and FAQs. Includes official manual and user submissions.
Project aiming to create a customizable, open source smartphone platform based on GNU/Linux. Includes a wiki and an RSS aggregator for weblogs of developers involved in this project.
Offers embedded systems development focused on free and open source solutions, multimedia, connectivity and performance. Includes employee blogs and news.
TimeSys Corp.
Offers embedded Linux development subscription services including processor-specific development code, kernel updates, and patches. Developer resources, discussion forums, and development tools.
Zee2 Embedded Systems
Offers design and development consultancy specialising in board support packages, toolchains, automated testing, infrastructure design, system migration and legal analysis.
The Register: Japanese CE giants to create own Linux
Japan's consumer electronics and computing giants - and Toshiba - are to co-operate on the development of Linux-based embedded operating system for CE devices. (July 13, 2000)
Linux Today: Cygnus to Save Embedded Linux from Fragmentation?
Forces acting to fragment Linux in embedded market, and why a process count of 2 is a critical limit. (September 30, 1999)
Linux Weekly News: Linux Advocacy in Embedded Systems
Lineo held a client meeting this morning with many of their partners and potential partners to discuss ways to promote Linux in the embedded systems market. (September 30, 1999)
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