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About the FreeBSD Project
History and overview from the FreeBSD Handbook.
A Brief History of Unix
History of Unix and causes for its popularity. "This document is designed to give people with no previous UNIX experience some sense of what UNIX is. This document will cover the history of UNIX and an introduction to UNIX."
A Brief Synopsis of Unix History
University of Indiana Knowledge Base article. Summary of Unix versions and links to related entries.
CSRG Archive CD-ROMs
The full source archives of the University of California at Berkeley's Computer Systems Research Group, for sale on a 4-CD set.
History of the BSD Daemon
Various drawings, pictures, and information on the red devil BSD mascot.
A History of UNIX before Berkeley
A detailed overview of Unix people and components, 1975-1984.
History of Unix, Linux, and Open Source
Historical comparison of Unix and the free software movement.
The Unix Heritage Society
Built to foster the "the preservation and maintenance of historical and non-mainstream UNIX systems." Mailing list and archives. Includes early Unix source code, from 1973 through the 1990s.
Unix History
A detailed family tree.
UNIX History Graphing Project
Lists of release dates and dependencies for the various Unix flavors. A graphical representation of the Unix family tree is planned.
Unix Programmer's Manual, Seventh Edition
Archives at Bell Labs of the 1979 manual. Troff source and formatted Gzipped PostScript/PDF versions.
The Unix System: History and Timeline
Historical summary and timeline.
VAX Archive
VAX hardware information, articles about VMS and BSD operating systems, Unix and PDP-11 links collections.

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