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Manufactures plugins for 3DS MAX. AfterBurn simulates realistic clouds, smoke, fog and explosions. Enlight fakes radiosity rendering efficiently, exports pre-illuminated light maps, ScatterVL Pro offers numerous enhancements for volume lights.
001 Action / RPG Maker
A free 2D action RPG development program, which focuses on an easy-to-use design. It features a map editor, ability to create items, characters, vehicles. It also has built-in artificial intelligence.
A leading innovator and supplier of high end performance semiconductors, software and related technologies for accelerating 3D graphics on the PC.
4D Rulers
Offers game dev tools such as the AMP2 Game Engine and the Normal Mapper tool for 3D Studio Max.
AGen 2D Game Engine
2D engine and framework specifically designed for the easy and rapid development of games, game prototypes or other visual applications. The engine runs entirely from Lua script files allowing you to make games with no additional overhead or a compiler
Aquatica engine
This program can be used to simplify the implementation of high quality, photo-realistic water surfaces in games and applications with DirectX9 graphics.
Full line of motion trackers and sensors for virtual reality, entertainment, medical and biomechanical usage. Track humans, peripherals, and medical instruments in real time.
Build Your Own Net Dream (BYOND)
A multi-player world building utility; allows you to create, host, and connect to text or graphical games, even web apps. Excellent for RPGs. Non-programmers can create worlds in minutes, while seasoned coders may take advantage of the powerful OO language behind the system.
CAST II 3D engine
Offers free download of an opensource 3D engine for Delphi. The engine has a powerful tool for creating and editing 3D worlds.
Chat Mapper
Software tool for writing and testing non-linear dialog, especially for video games.
Creators of The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion. Used worldwide for video game design and development by new and experienced amateur video game developers.
The Cycon Online Gaming (COG) Engine
An Open Source project aimed at simplifying the creation of online video games. Currently, games have a text-based interface, with photo-realistic graphics and a clickable compass for movement.
DarkWynter Games and Visualization
Flexible 3D utility, which enables artists and technical professionals to rapidly prototype 3D technology using a simple override system. It exposes C# technologies layers ranging from XNA/Forms Integration, to XML-Objects, to GPU-Computational Processing.
A shareware single-player overhead-view tile-based computer RPG construction kit written in Java.
Freeware for developing a multiplayer games and run them over any java-enabled web server.
Exit Games
Photon enables multiplayer capabilities on multiple platforms.
Explorations RPG System
An independent role playing game engine that features a powerful drag/drop map interface, which makes creating professional looking game maps easy.
Flash Fight Game Engine
An open source fighting game engine for Adobe Flash. It is based on popular side-scrolling fighting games such as Final Fight, Streets of Rage and Double Dragon
Game Editor
Create 2D games with little or no programming knowledge. Documentation, downloads, screen shots and forums.
A multi-console video game development tool, including full support for the Wii.
Allows you to create sophisticated games for the Mac and iPhone without any programming or scripting. You can edit your games during runtime.
A toolkit for creating interactive virtual world applications - especially, but not restricted to, computer games. The toolkit contains a map editor, an actor editor, a state-of-the-art game engine, libraries of prefabricated objects, and three example games.
Discreet's game development and level editor based on the world's best selling 3D modeling, animation and rendering platform, 3ds max.
A game making program that allows scripting with Python. It features a fast OpenGL graphics engine, 32 bit color, a map editor, support for a large variety of audio and image formats. Sprites and maps can be of any size.
Immersion Corporation
Produces a wide range of products, including 3D Digitizing hardware, the MicroScribe-3D, and force feedback technology and hardware.
An easy-to-use game making tool that produces 2D games of any genre. It has a simple, but powerful level editor. It supports animated images, video files, and many audio formats.
MP Advanced offers Karvonite, an object persistence framework for the .NET platform, including the Compact and XNA frameworks. The API is simple and has a gradual learning curve.
Legendary Tales
A text-based gaming environment which gives anyone the ability to create or enjoy independent adventure modules set in any medieval setting.
Linderdaum Engine
A modern polygonal and volume rendering solution for games, as well as industrial and scientific visualization.
The Lost Realm of Anoria
An open source software engine designed to allow creation of a diverse variety of online worlds, ranging from online multiplayer fantasy rpg to online museums.
Meta Motion
Worldwide distribution and sales of motion capture tools: Gypsy Motion Capture System, Kaydara Filmbox and Famous faces motion capture software, data gloves and face trackers - mocap.
Provides comprehensive and scalable solutions for managing game content throughout console game development.
Mokoi Gaming
Specializes in tools that provide a simple, flexible and open game platform for easy distribution.
Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine
An all-in-one editor for creating Role Playing Games. (Linux/Mac OS X/Windows, VGA graphics)
Okino Computer Graphics, Inc.
Develops and markets a broad range of 3d rendering, visualization, 3d data translation/conversion and toolkit software: the NuGraf Rendering System, the PolyTrans 3D Data Translator/Converter, and the NuGraf Developer's 3D Toolkit/Library
A powerful Windows based 2D/3D game orientated development tool, based upon the easy-to-use Basic programming language.
A leading manufacturer of electromagnetic 3D measurement systems used for motion tracking and 3D digitization. Offers a full range of products.
PPTactical Engine
GPL licensed 2D engine suitable for real-time tactics/strategy games.
Develops and markets 3D modeling and simulation software. In addition, it develops artificial intelligence middleware that is highly scalable for simulation environments.
Supplies cross-platform networking tools for creating multiplayer online games and contains evaluation versions of the tools for download, resources, and technical support.
Quest Markup Language
Program for developing choose your own adventures with images, sounds, flags using an XML syntax.
RAD Game Tools
Developer and publisher of the Bink video codec,the Miles Sound System, and Granny 3D, a toolkit for 3D game making.
An object oriented C++ library that is engineered to help the developer of applications that require a stable and low maintenance middleware solution to networking.
A program for the creation of your own RPGs. The software is free to download.
Scrolling Game Development Kit
Contains a 2D game engine for Win9x and DirectX, screenshots, and games for download as freeware.
ShiVa Technologies SAS
Producers of ShiVa, a platform for 3D real time development, allows you to make games such as: first person shooters, platform games, adventure games, massive online multiplayer role-play game MMO.
A developer of high-end software for all areas of professional visual content production, including tools for 3D and 2D animation, and for creating, editing and finishing video programs.
Simple sprite editor and code generator for Z88DK. Runs under MS Window or Linux.
A console-style RPG engine that allows others to create an RPG similar Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Phantasy Star.
Stagecast Creator
Create your own interactive games, stories, and worlds. Visual programming language makes it easy for anyone to learn.
Tile Studio
A development utility for graphics of tile-based games. It contains a bitmap editor for creating tiles and sprites and a map editor for designing level maps.
A multi platform game development tool with customizable and easy to use editor, graphical pipelines to DirectX and OpenGL, advanced physics engine, 3D audio and video, and scripting through Javascript, C#, and Python. Can publish to the Wii and iPhone.
RPG creation system which supports 16 bit color, high resolutions, FLC/AVI playback, MOD/S3M/XM module music playback, .WAV playback, MIDI, HUGE maps, animated characters, and is fully expandable using the VergeC scripting language.
Yagga portal
An environment to write multi-player strategy game servers. Only turn based games are covered. It has its own miniOO language. It is free, written in Java and requires JDK 1.2. by Walter Gamba and Marco Becchio.
Freeware tool for creating games that have a redistributable size of only 64kb or less. The game engine use OpenGL for graphics, and a real time synthesizer for audio. Runs on Windows.
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