Chrono Trigger is a role-playing game for the Super Nintendo and Sony PlayStation, originally released in 1995. It is produced by Squaresoft. You are Crono, a young man in his golden years, long red hair, and a lethal sword to boot. After going to the millennium fair to celebrate the victory of humans over mages, you run into a young lady whom you offer to help out. After walking around with her for a while you meet up with a lady friend, and agree to test out her latest invention - A matter transporter. Inevitably the experiment goes wrong, ripping open an inter-dimensional portal that a friend of yours is sucked into. It's all up to you to save her...

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Chrono Trigger
Game review, pictures, single/dual/triple techniques, fan fiction and links.
Chrono Trigger Addicts
Reviews, screen shots and message board.
Chrono Trigger Campaign
A petition to bring the PlayStation version to North America.
Chrono Trigger Online
Lists Chrono Trigger story, character biographies, game help, music files, dual and triple technique details, quotes, screen shots and links.
The Chrono Trigger Palace
Walkthrough, boss information, character profiles, cheats, Game Genie codes, screen shots and equipment lists.
Chrono Trigger Remake Project
Group remaking Chrono Trigger in full 3D. Keep up to date on their activities.
Chrono's Domain
Pictures, characters, and art.
Chronopolis: RPG Intelligence Center
Story, character profiles, walkthrough, equipment, items, and images.
GameFAQs: Chrono Trigger
Collection of walkthroughs and frequently asked questions, message board, and user submitted reviews.
Princess Schala of Zeal
Includes profile, gallery, media, in depth analysis of Schala's kingdom, connections and letter and miscellaneous related information.
Royal Purple
Princess Schala shrine. Character information, FAQs, gallery, and links.
The Ultimate Chrono Trigger Site
Story information, characters, secrets, pictures, game genie codes, and music.
Wikipedia: Chrono Trigger
Open content encyclopedia article with information on the game, its backstory and plot, gameplay, release information, development, and critical reception.
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