"Colorblindness" includes all forms of color deficiency. "Daltonism" was first discovered by the English biologist-schoolmaster (Dalton) who determined that he saw things differently. The most common type of color deficiency (red-green) is inherited by men from their Mothers, who do not have it, but might be called carriers. We miss the ability to see 'green'. Other types are inherited differently and miss different colors. One may also lose colorvision by taking certain drugs or getting diseases, such as Alzheimers or diabetes (low blood sugar).

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Appearance: Colorblindness
How things look to someone who is colorblind. Overview of tests and genetics.
Aspects of Perception
Illustrates "how people with less than three types of cones can confuse different wavelengths."
Color Blindness
Presents symptoms, causes, types, and tests. Includes a form for questioning an optometrist.
Color Vision
Presentation about normal vision. Includes spectra, eye anatomy and color response curves.
Color Vision Information for Pilots / FAA Medical Standards
Pilot Medical Solutions provides FAA medical certification support for pilots and aviation medical examiners.
Short facts on condition. Links to self-diagnostic test.
Colorblind HomePage
Explains mechanics and physiology, and includes color wheels to simulate what the disabled see.
Colors for the Color Blind
Provides background information and a set of charts to help those working with computer colors.
Colour Blindness
Wikipedia article includes a simple diagnostic test, rates of incidence, causes, and types of deficiency.
Egopont - Color Vision Test
Includes a color vision test which may help the visitor to assess whether he/she is able to see colors correctly.
Mayo Clinic: Poor Color Vision
Includes overview, causes, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and coping skills.
Seeing Color
Arizona State University provides definitions and tests.
The Upside of Color Blindness
DISCOVER Magazine reports, "Color-blind monkeys make better insect hunters." Includes pictures of what the colorblind (do not) see, and Pseudoisochromatic plate.
Allows the user to see the world as color blind people see it. Checks by images and urls.
Software utility that transforms colors of the computer display into the discriminable colors for people with color blindness.
Genetic Studies Endow Mice with New Color Vision
Howard Hughes Medical Institute researchers give human color vision to mice. (March 23, 2007)
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