Sites providing information on improving safety for patients and residents in health care organizations. Issues include implementation of patient safety programs, the responsibility of organization leadership to create a culture of safety, prevention of medical errors, and the hospital's responsibility to tell a patient if he or she has been harmed by the care provided.
Web-based patient safety resource and journal that showcases patient safety lessons drawn from actual cases of medical errors; cases of medical errors, expert commentaries, and a users' forum.
Alliance for Human Research Protection
National network to advance responsible and ethical medical research practices and empowers patients with information they need to make informed research choices.
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Represents pharmacists who practice in hospitals, health maintenance organizations, long-term care facilities, home care, and other components of health care systems. Resources on medication-error prevention efforts.
American Society of Medication Safety Officers
Promotes public health by representing the professional interests of pharmacists and medication safety officers practicing in hospitals and other healthcare organizations.
Australian Patient Safety Foundation
Provides leadership in the reduction of harm to patients in all health care environments and provides incident reporting and monitoring systems. Collects de-identified incident report data for inclusion in an aggregated database that facilitates comparative research.
Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations - ARCHI
Supports the learning process for health professionals involved in clinical service redesign in Australia.
BMJ Quality & Safety
A monthly journal presenting peer-reviewed ideas, solutions and practices in the field of patient safety and quality improvement.
Center for Advancement of Health
Translates to the public the latest evidence-based research on health, health care, prevention and chronic disease management, with an emphasis on how social, behavioral and economic factors affect illness and well-being.
Cure Research
Provides cure research information for more than 1200 diseases.
Dupont Linhoff Patient Assessments
Hospital out-patient health assessments, prevention and intervention screening, and instant patient survey reports.
FDA Patient Safety News
Televised series carried on satellite broadcast networks for health care personnel at hospitals and other medical facilities across the country. Features information on new medical devices, FDA safety notifications and product recalls, and ways to protect patients when using medical devices.
Healthcare Leadership Council
Serves as a coalition of chief executives from all disciplines within the health care system and forum to jointly develop policies, plans and programs; includes resources on key issues, legislative advocacy, and current news.
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Consolidates resources and information to help health care professionals accelerate progress and performance improvement; training and research resources.
Institute For Safe Medication Practices
Provides information about adverse drug events and their prevention to healthcare practitioners and institutions, regulatory agencies, professional organizations and the pharmaceutical industry. Includes research findings, books and publications, an electronic discussion forum, and links to related sites.
IPRO Quality Improvement Organization
Assesses quality of health care for federal and state agencies, providers, managed care organizations, commercial insurers, Fortune 500 companies, business coalitions and unions. Services include utilization review, study design, data analysis, and claim review.
Kaiser Permanente Institutional Review Board
Provides overview of FDA regulations defining the Institutional Review Board (IRB); links to relevant literature, research, and resources on the IRB process.
KWIC Healthcare
Provide innovative patient safety products, such as barcoding, filing, and blood transfusion systems; services include change management support.
The Leapfrog Group
Promotes improvements in the safety of health care by giving consumers data to make more informed hospital choices. Includes hospital survey results, patient safety research, and links to related sites.
LifeWings Partners LLC
Offers improvements in patient safety utilizing aviation-based training programs.
Maryland Patient Safety
Supports regional patient safety initiatives by encouraging collaborative efforts, disseminating current knowledge relating to patient safety, and developing a formal structure for activities.
Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety
Promotes patient safety by encouraging collaboration between participants of the Minnesota health care system. Includes organizational assessment tools, information on best practices, and links to related resources.
National Patient Safety Foundation
Information, research, and resources on professional, consumer, and systems issues related to patient safety. The online discussion forum is devoted to development of a safer health care system.
National Quality Forum
Promotes change through development and implementation of a national strategy for health care quality measurement and reporting.
Partnership for Patient Safety
A patient-centered initiative to advance the reliability of healthcare systems worldwide. Includes videos, audio cassettes, and CD-ROM training tools.
Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare
Provides broad range of safety and quality information for patients, clinicians, and healthcare administrators; online and in print format.
Patient Safety Group
Encourages a culture of safety by providing tools that allow health care organizations to communicate, collaborate, improve and share; eCUSP (electronic unit-based patient safety program).
Patient Safety Institute
Provides real-time, secure, patient-centric clinical information in five areas critical for delivering quality care: diagnoses, laboratory results, medications, allergies and immunizations.
Patient Safety Reporting System
A voluntary, confidential, non-punitive program available to all VA employees for the reporting of events and concerns related to patient safety.
Safe Practices in Patient Care
Dedicated to helping nurses caring for the critically and chronically ill to minimize medical errors by presenting clinically and evidenced-based safe practices.
SAFER California Healthcare
The Strategic Alliance For Error Reduction in California Healthcare (SAFER) promotes and coordinates patient safety research activities, clinical delivery systems, and educational programs. Includes University of California medical centers, state agencies, and organizational partnerships.
Simulation Group
Conducts research that will transform medical training from the current apprentice model to real-time computer-based medical simulations; objectives include improving medical education and increasing patient safety.
Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.
Improves public health worldwide by providing technical, research, and program management services to government and private sector clients; helps clients, including federal agencies, state health organizations, clinical trials networks, and research entities, to advance research missions, enhance communications, shape policy, and implement programs in the global battle against HIV/AIDS and other diseases.
Train for Patient Safety
Offers health care training for patient safety improvement, medical errors reduction and healthcare quality enhancement; products and services include e-learning solutions, CDs, written materials, onsite training, and access to national conferences and audioconferences.

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