This category includes all forms of the ancient art of Venery. Venery is hunting with a pack of scenthounds, as opposed to sighthounds which hunt (or "course") their quarry by sight. The group of Scenthounds includes foxhounds, harriers, bassets, beagles and bloodhounds. The quarry includes fox, coyote, deer, mink, hare, cottontail, "clean boot" and drag. Human beings have been practising hunting with hounds and falconry for thousands of years - they are the most ancient of sports. Some of the traditions, such as the hunting horn, existed from the beginning. Although the traditions are held in common, some terms are not and can cause confusion when looking at sites in various countries. In the United Kingdom, hunting with hounds is simply called 'Hunting' as differentiated from 'Shooting' and 'Stalking' - which are all included under 'Hunting' in the United States.

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The similarities and differences in hunting with hounds in various countries all over the world. Story and audio clips.
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Doug Morris's entertaining and informative site of worldwide fox hunting traditions, commandments, glossary of terms, cartoons, animal rights weblog and photographs.
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