Sites with information about birds belonging to Class: Aves, Order: Psittaciformes, Family: ? Species: Nymphicus hollandicus. The Cockatiel is a Small Member of the parrot family.Its one of the most commonly birds kept as pets, and its easily to know why. Cockatiels fit well into the lifestyles of most people, and are very hardy pets.The cockatiel resembles a miniature Cockatoo, but yet also resembles a Parakeet with the long tail.

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Information about cockatiels, their health and diet, with photos of babies along with training and taming tips. Also offers chat.
Cockatiel Bird Information
Learn how to care for your cockatiel, what to feed it, selecting the best cage other tips.
The Cockatiel Cabin
Has information about cockatiel specific genetics as well as articles about hand raising babies, household dangers, purchasing a new baby and recipes.
Cockatiel Color Palette
Use the Virtual Breeder to calculate breeding outcomes.
Cockatiel Cottage
Photographs and information about many topics, including basic care, health, diet, behavior, breeding, and household hazards. Also has a bibliography and message board.
Cockatiel of the Week
Visitors can submit a picture and story of their bird in a bid for "cockatiel of the week". Also contains links, pictures and information.
Information about color varieties along with photos and tips for the bird's diet and cage.
Country Born Feathered Friends
A look into one cockatiel pair's experience with the breeding process, including daily pictures showing the growth of the chicks.
The Joy of Cockatiel Bonding
Information and articles about diet, how to determine the gender, how to wing clip, whether an owner should provide their cockatiel with a mate and whether a potential owner should buy a male or female.
Merlin's Cage: The Tiel Station
Offers an overview of the care of cockatiels and budgerigars. Mostly cockatiel related.
Talk Cockatiels
A forum for cockatiel owners, including picture gallery and information on breeding.
Tiel Talk Forum
Message board devoted to the care and breeding of cockatiels, small parrots and exotic birds.
Yahoo Groups: Cockatiel Heaven
Forum for those who talk about their experiences with cockatiels.

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