This category is for Freshwater fish websites. Please look through the sub-categories, to find the best place to submit your site, especially if it is a site specific to one type of fish.

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The Krib
Articles, and archived usenet postings. Features Aquaria FAQ, and the Aquatic Plants Digest archives. Freshwater Aquariums
Species, beginner, do it yourself, and general information.
AC Tropical Fish
Features articles, forum, calculators, and a free freshwater aquarium E-book.
Aquarium guide with access to plant and fish database and forums.
Aquaria - by Patrick Timlin
Provides species, lighting, and tank related information.
Aquariums and More
Contains information about fish, plants, and caring for your aquatics. Fish
Provides a glossary, compatibility chart, disease information, conversion chart, and beginners guide.
Badmans Tropical Fish
Contains fish profiles, diseases, and photos.
Bala Shark Bay Aquariums
Tips for beginners, information on the treatment of a few diseases, and information about the Bala Shark.
Beginner Aquarist
Discusses the care of a tropical fish tank or Betta bowl. Also offers information on water quality and diseases.
Beginners Tropical Aquarium
Information for beginners discusses water, feeding, breeding, and plants.
Offers information and pictures to assist with tropical fish questions.
Tips and hints for successful fishkeeping.
First Tank Guide
Beginner's guide to setting up a new aquarium. Form allows you to send questions to an experienced aquarist.
Fish Tank Tutor
Offers tropical fish tank advice in simple terms. Includes set up, equipment, maintenance, aquatic plant and fish care information.
The FishBowl
Includes a care page for Bettas and a page about cycling. Forum and chat room.
Fishyou: Alternative Fishkeeping
Information on setting up an aquarium and maintaining it, with an emphasis on alternative methods of fishkeeping and water control.
Fresh Fish
Tank volume calculator.
Our Simple Joys: Freshwater Aquaria
Articles on many beginner and advanced topics, tutorials, and digital photos.
Articles, FAQs, gallery, messageboard, tank of the month contest and links.
Seriously Fish
A resource with tropical fish species profiles, articles and weblog posts, as well as an active community including a forum and club database.
Tropical Fish Centre
Information on tropical fish species, intended to help beginners identify and care for their fish.
Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Species profiles, the essentials of water chemistry and nutrition, and a guide to fish health.
The Tropical Tank
Information and photos of fish, including some uncommon species, forum, library, and photos of tank setups.

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