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ABC Read
A self-taught reading program for adults and children.
Action Reading
From educator Jeanie Eller, home and school versions phonics based reading with original authorized systems for pre-school through adult.
Action Words
A kinaesthetic approach to reading that teaches high frequency words by assigning a meaningful action to each word, developing understanding and generating an interest in English.
Alphagram Learning Materials
Features creative multisensory phonics tools that teach the building blocks of reading: sounds, syllables, and words.
AVKO Dyslexia Research Foundation
Provides a catalog of materials designed to help parents and teachers help the struggling reader learn to read. Also offerse in-services, free tutoring, and free downloads.
Books for Results
This website was designed for elementary teachers searching for language arts resources or workshops on reading and story writing.
Children's Literacy Publications
Janet Caruthers Doolin's books and CDs to help young children with reading comprehension and vocabulary development.
Davis Learning Strategies
Offers a classroom kits for beginning readers that helps children aged 5-9 learn foundation skills for successful reading and mastery of basic sight words.
Discover Intensive Phonics
A reading program designed to teach the logic behind reading through multisensory, explicit phonics instruction. Software and classroom materials available.
Dorbooks - Phonics Pathways
Features books and games that teach reading and spelling with direct, systematic phonics.
Fitzroy Readers
Sells a range of literacy materials incorporating phonics which are aimed at the primary school or secondary revision level.
Mouse over the letters and words to hear them out loud.
A free online interactive phonics-based course in reading and spelling for children aged 3-9. Children 'read' by simply mousing over words to hear them spoken.
An interactive computer CD reading program for parents to teach their child to read at home using Direct Instruction techniques. Includes 120 sequenced lessons and over 60 hours of on-screen activities.
Grammar, style, and proofreading exercises using sentences from literary works.
Great Leaps Reading
Great Leaps Reading provides inexpensive, user-friendly research-based reading remediation. It is one of few programs focused upon improving reading fluency.
Half-Pint Kids
Home of the Half-Pint Readers for young children.
Offers interactive reading lessons that help children learn how to read online by teaching a phonics program and providing reading tutoring, lessons, and activities.
How To Master Reading in 7 Simple Steps
Complete and easy phonics reading program. Learn to read or teach someone to read using 7 simple steps. Ideal for ages 3 to 93.
Imagic Programs
Teach your baby to read.
Jelly and Bean
Illustrated children's books for parents, preschool and primary schools. Online catalogue, price list and ordering information.
Language Works Spelling Program
Language Works is an independent self-checking approach to spelling using 60 phonograms as word-building tools.
Letterland Reading Method
Provides instructional reading materials for children.
Love and Reilly
Speech and language resources and information about literacy and learning.
Mari, Inc.
Markets reading materials including children's books, literature guides, software, and phonics resources.
Motivational Ideas for the Language Arts Classroom
Radio drama related materials for the language arts classroom, designed to motivate the student to read more and listen better. Includes radio dramas on cassette with word-for-word scripts and student/teacher materials.
National Reading Styles Institute
Identifies students' strengths and the most effective reading strategies and methods to use.
News for You
Offers a weekly newspaper in plain English from New Readers Press, especially for adult education, special education, ESL, and K through 12.
Orton Gillingham Phonics on CD-ROM
Remedial reading program for ages 7-adult reading at grades 0-4. Appropriate for those with dyslexia. Uses the Orton-Gillingham method.
Passport Learning
Provider of the Academy of Reading program for children.
Phonics for Free
Hundreds of free phonics worksheets for parents and teachers. Includes free placement tests and teaching tips covering phonemic awareness, alphabetics, sight words and complete phonics coverage.
Phonics on the Web
Guide to Phonics. Several pages of systematic phonics rules, useful for teachers and parents as a reference.
Planet Book Club
Teaching resources for K-8 reading, including novel guides, lesson plans, and student book discussions.
Preventing Academic Failure
A multisensory curriculum providing a four year sequence of written language skills (reading, spelling and handwriting).
Rayment's Learn to Read Method
Free method designed for preschoolers.
Read America
Information on the Phono-Graphix reading method.
Read Naturally
Develops reading fluency of students. They provide seminars, books, audio, and software.
Read Right Systems, Inc.
Reading program for children and adults. Consultants establish turn-key projects in corporations and schools.
Reading Genius
System designed to teach speed reading, mind mapping, improved memory, and comprehension.
Reading Manipulatives
Sets of laminated manipulatives and cards for improving reading skills. Reusable, individualized materials are available for all ages and abilities.
Reading Revolution
Video reading and spelling program for children.
Reading Wings
Offers a book about the reading process with practical strategies to enable those who are helping others learn to read do so more effectively and a companion video.
Reading with TLC
Reading with TLC publishes educational materials and provides professional training for reading.
Offers a home administered program guaranteed to improve reading and listening comprehension by at least 2 years.
Resources for Reading
Materials for Reading Recovery and early literacy teachers: phonics tools and games, magnetic letters, magnetic boards and easels, alphabet and ABC books and puzzles, manipulatives, teacher aids
Seven Steps to Literacy Success
Seven Steps to Literacy Success for dyslexics.
A self-teaching reading program that uses books and audio CDs in an effort to teach one to read at their own pace in the privacy of their home.
Smart Way Reading & Spelling
Phonics based reading and spelling program for children.
SongLake Books
Structured collections of books from more than 20 publishers for use in leveled reading programs such as Reading Recovery.
Sound Reading Solutions
Phonemic awareness and reading activities/programs for struggling readers and spellers.
Spangler's Scrutiny
A reading comprehension questions and answers game. Each set of cards reviews setting, characters, plot and theme for 1 novel.
Early literacy program incorporating phonics and spelling.
Syllables Reading Center
Teaching people how to read in and around Atlanta, GA. Working with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.
Taking Grades Publishing Company
Offers objective test units, designed to check basic comprehension, for children's novels. Customers are 4th through 8th grade reading teachers.
Toe By Toe
A carefully structured, diagnostic system for the teaching of reading.
A simple phonics method that allows any adult to help someone learn to read.
University of Utah Reading Clinic
A reading clinic created to assess and remediate elementary students with reading difficulties.
We All Can Read
An intervention or supplemental phonics program for at-risk students of all ages providing remedial reading instruction.
Yes Phonics
Orton-Spalding based materials for phonetic language arts instruction.
A curriculum-based reading and spelling program which teaches children the fundamentals of the English language.
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