Software tools for categorization, summarization and other forms of knowledge discovery.

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Bliasoft Knowledge Discovery
A data mining software based on techniques of artificial intelligence that enables to predict, to understand and to optimize the most complex processes.
Platform and products that read vast amounts of text, extract relevant information specific to users' requirements and provide visual, interactive, executive summaries. Features overviews, downloads, news and contact information.
Context Discovery
Shortens web pages, emails, documents into keywords and summaries. Speed-up reading by reviewing keywords and summaries in context. Eliminate information overload.
A knowledge discovery software mainly based on decision trees.
Data mining software framework developed by the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, including algorithms for cluster analysis, outlier detection and index structures.
Products for navigating large information sources quickly and accurately using a visualisation technique based on fractals. Features overviews, news, downloads and extranet.
Juxta Software
Open-source cross-platform tool for textual analysis and cross-comparison and collation of versions of a textual work.
KnowledgeMiner Software
Self-organize predictive and descriptive models from high-dimensional noisy data for forecasting, resource planning, classification, or simulation purposes.
NLP-based enterprise text mining and text analytics software. Available as an in-house enterprise system, a managed service and as a cloud SaaS service.
Developer and distributor of advanced software tools for data mining, text mining, and intelligent e-commerce personalization. Features products, services, downloads and purchasing information.
Gathers, transforms and routes information from any combination of data sources automatically. Features news, case studies, overviews and contact information.
NetMap Analytics
A text-mining and fraud detection system for use within the Insurance and Retail industries. Features overviews, technical information, demonstration and contact information.
Novo Solutions
Provides web based help desk, customer support and knowledge management solutions. Includes overviews, free trial and contact information.
Perceptive Software
A global supplier of enterprise search software for business & government. Award-winning Desktop Search, Intranet Search and Embedded Search.
Universal semantic search engine allows multidimensional searches. Features overviews and contact information.
Research infrastructure that semantically indexes and conceptually organizes information. Features overview, technology, products, applications, downloads and contact information.
Recommind, Inc.
Recommind provides predictive information management software in the form of search-powered business applications for eDiscovery, enterprise search and information governance. Recommind’s solutions are based on its CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) platform, which automatically accesses, organizes and analyzes large volumes of information in context from myriad sources.
Information management software and solutions to help businesses improve their processes and reach their goals.
A toolset for analyzing data with the use of methods coming from Rough Set Theory.
SAS Enterprise Miner
Create highly accurate predictive and descriptive models based on analysis of vast amounts of data from across the enterprise.
An information extraction server offering high accuracy and speed for named entity recognition, relationship recognition, entity discovery, event discovery, and general screen scraping.
Offers data mining software and analytical support in the fields of customer behavior modeling and risk management.
TheBrain Technologies Corporation
Links files, documents and Web pages across applications and network boundaries, illustrates how information is related, provides a visual context for documents and data and offers a framework for collaboration. Features overview, demo and contact information.
TripleHop Technologies
Enterprise search and classification solution enabling unified, conceptual and personalized searching across disparate sources of information. Features company overview, product demonstration and contact information.
Extracts information from any structured text database. Features overview, capabilities, requirements, news and pricing.
Weka 3
Collection of machine learning algorithms for solving data mining problems implemented in Java and open sourced under the GPL. Features documentation and related projects.
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