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21st Century Manpower Resources, Inc.
With its profile, policy, requirement, and recruitment information.
Abba Personnel Services, Inc.
Recruitment and placement agency for registered nurses, I.T. professionals and skilled workers seeking employment in the USA, the Middle East and other countries.
Al Assal Manpower Incorporated
With its corporate profile, services, guarantee, client directory, job postings, manpower database, and advisory.
Augustin International Center, Inc.
Manpower pooling. See details and contact information.
Brent Overseas Personnel, Inc.
Sends health care personnel for foreign hospitals and nursing homes particularly nurses for United Kingdom and caretakers for Taiwan. Also hires professionals for the hotel and catering industry, and information technology specialists for Singapore and Australia.
Dragon International Manpower Corp.
Specializing in sending domestic helpers in Hong Kong and Taiwan and entertainers to Japan.
Golden Horizon Placement Agency, Inc.
It engages in the recruitment, employment and deployment of various types of workers of different skill levels. It enters into recruitment service contract with international principals to provide overseas jobs.
John Clements Consultants Inc.
Solution providers in recruitment, outsourcing, management, training and health-and-wellness. News, events, job opportunities and postings.
Manpower Philippines
A portal site for the manpower and recruitment industry in the country. With its featured agencies, jobs, and interview schedules.
Established primarily with the purpose of providing staffing solutions from the Philippines to meet the manpower requirements of their clients. Handles position from administrative, temporary, technical and managerial to medical staff for various companies in the Middle East, Gulf States, Asia and Far East and the United States.
Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc.
A state-of-the-art personnel assessment products that gives the best solutions in hiring/promoting the right person for the right job.
Rise Manpower Services
Supplies various manpower including IT specialists, architects, nurses, medical staff, domestic and factory workers, caretakers, caregivers, and dressmasters. Has contacts in Asia, Europe and the US.
Sacred Heart International Services, Inc.
Specializing in the recruitment and deployment of Filipino professionals and workers abroad. With its history, list of available manpower categories, policy and contact information.
Sameer Group of Companies
Delivers services on a global scale, and whenever needs for personalized and professional services arises.
Temps and Staffers
Provides employees with short term contracts. Testimonials, list of available jobs for future employees, list of testing materials and client list.
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