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About Thailand
General directory sorted by category.
BBC News - Country Profile: Thailand
Provides overview, key facts and events, timelines and leader profiles along with current news.
CIA - The World Factbook: Thailand
Features map and brief descriptions of the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.
Encyclopedia of the Nations - Thailand
Provides information about the country's geography, people, government, economy and tourism. From Thomson Gale.
Modern Thailand
Thailand's business and travel directory featuring categorized listings with free registration in English, Chinese and Thai.
NationMaster - Thailand
Profile includes information for various aspects of the country, with a special emphasis on statistics and rankings.
Guide for expatriates living and working in the country.
US Department of State - Thailand
Country portal offers a map and links to Background Notes, Country Study, the US embassy and the current ambassador, press releases, fact sheets, annual Human Rights Reports and other major reports including Industry Market Reports.
US Library of Congress - Country Study: Thailand
September 1987 country profile provides information about its historical setting, society and environment, economy, government and politics, and national security.
Wikipedia - Thailand
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article covers the country's history, government and politics, geography, economy, demographics, language and culture.

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