This category contains sites related to, or about, Võrumaa, a county in south-eastern Estonia, which borders on Latvia, to the south, and Russia, to the east. The county is home to Estonia's highest point, on Suur Munamägi (318m). Approximately 40,000 people live in Võrumaa, the capital of the county is Võru (linn). The language spoken in Võrumaa is Võro, a South Estonian language. The county is divided into 13 municipalities:

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Karula National Park
Traditional lifestyles and nature are preserved in this national park. Site offers information for visitors about accommodation, nature trails, traditions. [Estonian, English]
Noiariik - Sorcerer's Kingdom
Family vacations in primeval valley of Lake Uhtjärv. Offers accommodation and activities. Located in Urvaste municipality. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German, Latvian]
Obinitsa Seto Museum House
Permanent exposition about the way of life of the Seto people from the Obinitsa area. Description of the museum and opening hours. [Estonian, English, Võro]
Piusa Ürgoru Holiday Home
A holiday home in the Piusa river valley. Includes camping houses, a smoke sauna and trout fishing. [Estonian, English]
A theme park based on Edgar Valter's "Pokubook". [Estonian, English]
Rõuge Municipality
General information about Rõuge as well as information for tourists, list of accommodation options. [Estonian, English]
Setomaa Tourism Farm
Offers accommodation and space for events in several buildings of a farmstead, located in Meremäe vald near the border. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Setomaa Valdade Liit
Union of Setu rural municipalities (Meremäe, Mikitamäe, Misso and Värska). The site provides tourism info for Setomaa, such as information about sights and facilities. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
The Võro Institute
Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Võro language and culture. [Estonian, English, Võro]
Wood Crone's Family Park
Nature and family oriented fairy tale theme park of 10 different farms in Karula National Park.

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