Mozzie Awards 2009 - Best New Category - Runner-up The North Sea is a marginal, epeiric sea on the European continental shelf. The Dover Strait and the English Channel in the south and the Norwegian Sea in the north connect it to the Atlantic Ocean. It is more than 970 kilometres (600 mi) long and 580 kilometres (360 mi) wide, with an area of around 750,000 square kilometres (290,000 sq mi). A large part of the European drainage basin empties into the North Sea including water from the Baltic Sea. [Wikipedia]

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Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme (2007-2013)
This programme is part of a Structural Funds Community Initiative under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) initiated by the European Union and the Commission. It connects seven countries around the North Sea. The Programme boosts transnational regional development projects along four priorities: Innovation, environment, accessibility and building sustainable communities, and aims to make the North Sea Region a better place to live, work and invest in.
North Sea - Wikipedia
A hyperlinked article describes the geography, geology, hydrography and natural resources of the North Sea; also includes a section on its place in the history of the surrounding nations.
North Sea Commission
An international organization which facilitates partnership between local authorities in the nations connected with the North Sea, and promotes the North Sea Basin as an economic entity within Europe. Information about structure, activities, events and publications.
North Sea Rural
Dated Interreg IIIB programme with the objective of generating innovative solutions for rural development in six littoral states.
Overview on the cultural atlas of the Wadden Sea Area
Map showing cultural entities in the Wadden Sea and the Wash region, defined by the Lancewadplan project. With links to the particular regions.

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