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About: The Slandered King
Article argues Richard's case as a maligned, but innocent, historical monarch.
BBC: King Richard III
Brief biography of King Richard III, who reigned England from 1483 - 1485 and whose death at the Battle of Bosworth Field heralded an end to the War of the Roses.
Britannia: Richard III
Biographical article and links to related information.
Infoplease Encyclopaedia: Richard III
Biography of Richard III with links to further information.
The Richard III and Yorkist History Server
Sponsored by the American Branch of the Richard III Society. Devoted to the study of Richard and his treatment in history, literature and drama as well as the Wars of the Roses and 15th century England in general.
The Richard III Foundation, Inc
"An international non-profit educational organisation born out of the need for serious research of King Richard III and to reinstate the image of the King in the context of his times".
The Richard III Museum
Home page of the museum, which is located in York, England.
The Richard III Society
In the belief that many of the features of the traditional accounts are not supported by sufficient evidence, the purpose of this society is to promote research into his life and times, and thereby secure a reassessment of his reputation and of his place in history.
Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell)
Contains the text of an historical document about a possible offspring of Richard III, King of England.
University of Leicester: The Search for Richard III - completed
Profile, history and an account of his body's discovery in 2012.
Wikipedia: Anne Neville
Biography of the wife of Richard III with links to further information.
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