Kibbutz is a kind of communal settlement unique to Israel. About 287 Kibbutzim (plural of Kibbutz) exists today, making about 1.8% of the population of Israel, about 7% of the Israeli industry and more than 50% of the Israeli agriculture.

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The Kibbutzim Movement
Official site of the umbrella Kibbutz Movement. Includes industrial overview, worldwide contact points for the Kibbutz Program Center (Takam Artzi) which coordinates volunteers, and PDF statistical tables. [English/Hebrew]
"Kibbutzim" by Manfred Davidmann
A scientific article about Kibbutzim, with links to reference articles.
Kibbutz Migvan association for education and community involvement. As an urban kibbutz in Sderot, Migvan is finding its ways to strengthen Sderot's educational facilities, facilitate integration of new immigrants and develop services for population groups with special needs. Find profile and a dozens of pages of information about their activities and projects. [English/Hebrew]
Hakibbutz Hadati
Organization of Orthodox Zionist Kibbutzim, associated with the Bnei Akiva youth movement. History of the movement, and information about volunteering, studying, or settling on a religious kibbutz.
KCDC - Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
A mostly Flash site for this leading Israeli contemporary dance group. Recommended, even if you are not really a dance fan.
The Kibbutz
About kibbutz in about 2000 words.
The Kibbutz Artzi Choir
Program, music clips and general information about the choir.
Kibbutz Artzi Federation
The English version of this site describes this organization of 85 kibbutzim that were founded by Hashomer Hatzair youth movement. It includes information on Ulpans (Hebrew courses) and volunteering.
The Kibbutz Holiday Institute
Based in Kibbutz Beit-Hashita, this is an information center and archive for the way Kibbutzim celebrate Jewish holidays. Find the institute profile and a list of publications.
The Kibbutz Hotels Chain
Main site for the kibbutzim hotels chain, also the largest hotels' chain in Israel.
Operation Unity
Utilizes the Israeli Kibbutz cooperative model as a premiere laboratory for young people to experience global diversity. Mission statement, programs, press releases, and photo gallery.
The Religious Kibbutzim
Information and links on the history, industry, educational programs, and attractions of the religious collectives.
Wikipedia - Kibbutz
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the Kibbutzim movement in Israel.
New Renaissance: The Greening of the Kibbutz
Account of a visit to seven kibbutzim in the Arava Valley that were being invited to join the Green Kibbutz Group, a new organization of sustainable communities. Describes some of their eco-friendly features. (January 01, 1997)

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