The present category is for web sites about this incumbent United States Senator if the web sites originate at a non-partisan source. Non-partisan and clearly factual web sites can be listed here, if their content is not covered by sites that are already here. The content should not be politically slanted and should be clearly factual. Other web sites about this Senator can be submitted in other DMOZ categories, such as a category about candidates and campaigns.

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BBC News - Profile: Hillary Clinton
Profile of the former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady.
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Short biography along with political party, years of service in Congress and bibliography.
Charlie Rose - Hillary Clinton
Videos of all appearances on the interview show.
Encyclopaedia Britannica - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Profile from the 300 Women Who Changed the World series.
Facebook - Hillary Clinton
Official profile of the politician.
FEC - Candidate Summary Reports: Hillary Clinton (President)
Official presidential campaign finance reports and data from the Federal Election Commission.
FEC - Candidate Summary Reports: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Official Senate campaign finance reports and data from the Federal Election Commission.
Meetup - Hillary Rodham Clinton Supporters
Directory of groups, searchable by closest zip code. Also listed alphabetically, by size and by date founded.
The New York Times - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Ongoing collection of news articles, commentary, photos and multimedia about Hillary Clinton.
On the Issues - New York Senator Hillary Clinton
Provides quotes and background on various international, domestic, economic and social issues. Includes profile, contact data, forum and SenateMatch. - Hillary Clinton (President 2016)
Profile of 2016 presidential campaign funds raised and spent. - Sen. Hillary Clinton (Senate)
Career profile of U.S. Senate campaign funds raised and spent.
Project Vote Smart - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Provides her biography, committee assignments, campaign finances, voting record, issue positions, interest group ratings, speeches and public statements.
Salon - Hillary Clinton
Collected commentary about the US Senator and former presidential candidate. - Bill & Hillary Clinton
Rumor control information on urban legends about Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband.
SourceWatch - Hillary Rodham Clinton
2008 encyclopedia article focused on her Senate career along with background data and links to additional articles and resources.
Twitter - Hillary Clinton
Brief reports from the U.S. Senator on what she's doing and thinking.
Washington Post - The US Congress Votes Database: Hillary Clinton
Features complete voting record along with a brief biography, roles in Congress and financial disclosure statement.
The Nation - Note to Hillary: Clintonomics Was a Disaster for Most Americans
Robert Pollin: In trying to burnish her credentials as a can-do populist and to portray Bernie Sanders as a purveyor of naive socialist fantasies, Hillary Clinton has increasingly invoked Bill Clinton’s presidency as her economic policy lodestar. (January 27, 2016)
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