Hawaii is well known for its fine weather, blue ocean and scenic mountains and coastlines. Hawaii is also home to a significant number of endangered species. Access to quality scientific and environmental information is critical in order to learn about and steward the human and natural environments.

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Climate of Hawaii
Narrative written by the State Climatologists and published by the National Climatic Data Center.
Department of Land and Natural Resources
Information about the state's management of cultural and natural resources, both terrestrial and marine. Schedule and agenda of Board of Land and Natural Resources meetings.
Environment Hawaii
Discusses environmental news, issues, developments, natural resources and more in the Hawaiian islands.
Evolution in Hawaii: A Supplement to Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
National Academy of Sciences online book (2004) tells about the islands' geological origins and biodiversity and discusses how these illustrate the process of biological evolution.
Hawaii Statewide GIS Program
Download GIS accessible basemaps and related data.
Pacific Tsunami Museum
Museum to promote public education about tsunamis for the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Region. The museum will also preserve social and cultural history and serve as a living memorial to those who lost their lives in past tsunami events
Virtually Hawaii
Satellite images of Hawaii and other places. Also ocean currents, radar, spectral, infrared and other images.
Web users join hunt for Hawaii tree invaders
The BBC reports that US conservationists and a satellite imagery company have teamed up to use the power of crowdsourcing to halt the spread of destructive invasive plants. (July 04, 2014)
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