For sites concerned with the natural environment of this state as a whole as well as those for scientific institutions and companies with multiple locations throughout the state, and for links to similar categories at other geographic levels.

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Butterflies and Moths of North America: Kentucky
Occurrence maps, species accounts, checklists, and photographs of species found in the state.
Cumberland Chapter Sierra Club
National organization's Kentucky Chapter. Newsletter, outings information, and information on local groups around the state.
Forestry in the Appalachian Hardwoods of Kentucky
Information about silviculture and forest conservation in the state. Includes a sample timber cruise report, forest management workshop manual and measurements, state forest history, and ecology links.
Kentuckiana Herpetological Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to education and conservation. Features a calendar of events, services, a message board, membership information and links.
Kentucky Academy of Science
Dedicated to encourage scientific research. Includes history and photo gallery, information about membership, events, newsletter, and grant sources.
Kentucky Agricultural Weather Center
Information about the state's weather and climate, including severe storms.
Kentucky Association for Environmental Education
Non-profit organization of educators, school administrators, federal, state and local government personnel, college and university professors, representatives from businesses and industries, and other individuals. Includes news, a newsletter, a calendar of events, a constitution and membership category descriptions. Located in Louisville.
Kentucky Bat Working Group
Dedicated to enhance conservation efforts and improve communication among people involved in bat research. Includes a directory of researchers, listservs, and species information.
Kentucky Bigfoot
Includes pictures, reports, links, a report form, and other cryptid information.
Kentucky Bluebird Society
Nonprofit organization dedicated to conserve and create habitat for the protection of the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity nesting birds in the state. Includes objectives, news and membership application. Located in Paducah.
Kentucky Chapter of the Association of Consulting Foresters of America
Non-profit, professional organization representing the professional consulting foresters. Includes a directory of members and a FAQ.
Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition
Non-profit organization established in 1993 as a resource for alternative fuel vehicle and refueling information. Includes a listing of refueling locations, vehicles available, success stories, and news items.
Kentucky Coal Education
Provides information about mining equipment reclamation, coal to liquid fuels, and history of the industry. Includes post card views of early mining towns.
Kentucky Conservation Committee
Advocacy group for conservationists to come together to support the cause of protection of fish and wildlife. Includes details in the Action Center.
Kentucky Critter Files
University of Kentucky website providing photos and information about the state's insects, spiders, and other arthropods.
Kentucky Native Plant Society
Information from this group interested in the native plants and wildflowers of Kentucky.
Kentucky Natural Lands Trust
Organized to protect and preserve natural lands and provide for their stewardship. Includes information about current conservation projects.
Kentucky Ornithological Society
Supports the conservation of birds and their habitats, and promotes avian research. Provides its history, checklists, newsletter, calendar of events, list of board members, and bylaws.
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center
Free environmental help to Kentucky companies. Services include on-site assessments, newsletter, a materials exchange, on-line pollution prevention manuals, the KY Environmental Management Systems Alliance, the KY Wood Waste Alliance, and Environmental Justice in West Louisville.
Kentucky Resources Council (KRC)
Environmental advocacy organization offering legal and strategic assistance to individuals, community groups and local governments statewide. Includes membership application, news articles and resource links.
Kentucky Society of Natural History
Statewide organization that promotes the study of natural sciences. Includes information about chapter activities, newsletter, events, membership, and photos.
Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission
Includes information from and about the state Natural Heritage Program, including descriptions of state nature preserves, databases and listings of rare, extinct, and endangered species reports and exemplary natural communities.
Kentucky Waterways Alliance
Dedicated to strengthening community and governmental stewardship for the restoration and preservation of Kentucky's streams, lakes, rivers, and wetlands.
Kentucky's Environmental Quality Commission
State government environmental protection activities and information.
Kentucky's Flora and Fauna
A large collection of information, including links to other sites, about the state's animals and plants.
Licking River Watershed Watch
Supporting citizen volunteer water quality monitoring in the Licking River Region. Provides an overview of the area, program, and volunteer details. Includes events, contact details, and a newsletter.
Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky
A non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to helping sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey/raptors. Includes a list of birds, volunteer application, and adoption form.
Town Branch Trail
Group advocates for a proposed greenway in downtown Lexington. Includes press releases, discussion forum, links and maps.
Wildflowers of Kentucky
Photographs by Charles Starr of various wildflowers that are native to the state.
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