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Child Support in Oregon
Provides information about programs, guidelines, procedures, and available services.
Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries
Develops resources for employees and enforces state laws that ban discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation. Links to wage and hour laws, apprentice programs, and employment opportunities.
Oregon Contractor Boards Gateway
Consumer protection agencies that registers Oregon construction contractors and licenses Oregon landscape contractors. Includes construction contractor query, guidelines, new regulations, and list of public contracts.
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Oregon chapter that includes press releases, food safety closures and warnings, and provides information database searchable by category and department.
Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Administers state laws and rules governing a wide variety of activities affecting consumers, workers, business, and economic growth in Oregon. Lists current news events, publications, and employment information.
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
State district page of the ODFW. Mission is to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife habitats. Links to state regulations, news releases, and hunting and game updates.
Oregon Department of Forestry
Statistics and information for Oregon fire updates, news releases, forest management, and community assistance programs for forest regions.
Oregon Department of Human Services
Provides services under various divisions for low income families, youth counseling, mental health, senior and disabled benefits, and other community programs.
Oregon Department of Revenue
Provides online tax information, forms, publications, and current employment openings.
Oregon Department of Transportation
Current structural design, construction support, inspection and maintenance engineering of all State highway structures. Links to motor vehicle and road information sites online.
Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs
Oregon state chapter of the DVA. Links to benefit programs, insurance and loan programs, and other state offices.
Oregon Housing and Community Services
Department administers federal and state anti-poverty, homeless, energy assistance, and community service programs. Information on programs, publications, employment, and financial news online.
Oregon Judicial Department
Introduction to the Oregon State Court system. Has information related to the Oregon Supreme Court, Court of Appeals , Tax Court, and laws and regulations passed by the Circuit Courts.
Oregon Medical Board
Licenses medical doctors, doctors of osteopathic medicine, podiatrist, physician assistants, and acupuncturist. In addition we conduct investigations and impose disciplinary action.
Oregon Military Department
Has information about department branches, recruiting, history, financial administration, and philosophy.
Oregon National Guard Youth Program
Provides employment and education needs for drug-free and unemployed youth. List of mentor programs, activities, enrollment application, and bulletin board online.
Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division
Regulates federal and state laws insuring that employees are safe from hazards and unsafe conditions in the workplace. Current laws, health standards, publications, and services available.
Oregon Office of Energy
Department that protects Oregon's environment by saving energy, developing clean energy resources, and cleaning up nuclear waste. Tips for energy conservation, energy building codes, energy loan programs, and list of programs online.
Oregon OnLine
State agency index.
Oregon State Archives
History and genealogical studies of Oregon. Database of government and legal records categorized by subject and date.
Oregon State Board of Examiners
Monitors the practice of engineering and land surveying in the state of Oregon. Examination fees, board meetings, board members, publications, and news releases on site.
Oregon State Fire Marshal
Provides community education, fire prevention programs, inspections, license and permit services, and database on HazMat information.
Oregon Water Resources Department
Statistics and information about water usage, conservation, rights, laws, and programs. Links to other natural resource sites available.
Oregon Workers' Compensation Division
Complete access to information about Oregon Workers' Compensation law and regulations covering employers, insurers, and workers. Online forms, contact information, references, and rulemaking.
Oregon Youth Authority
Correctional services division for youth that are involved in juvenile crime activities. Has list of programs and partnerships, minority services, training, and Oregon state juvenile departments.
Oregon's Unclaimed Property Program
Oregon Department of State Lands. Program set up to reunite people with their money.
Portland District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Operates and maintains navigation locks, hydroelectric dams, reservoirs, and waterways in Oregon and parts of adjoining states. Hydrologic information, reports on current issues and projects, details on visiting dams, and other topics.
Public Utilities Commission of Oregon
Regulates utility industries to ensure that customers receive safe reliable services at reasonable rates. Has commission overview, consumer resources, and electric restructuring information online.
State & Local Government - Oregon
Directory of state, regional, county and city government web sites.
State Building Codes Division
Unit of the Department of Consumer and Business Services. Includes technical and regulatory information about licensing of construction contractors and requirements for structures, electrical, plumbing, and related systems.
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