Regional Oceania Papua New Guinea Science and Environment
Includes information about the Papua New Guinea's natural environment; as well as scientific activities specific to the region.

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The Aquatic Pteridophytes of Papua New Guinea
Catalogue of ferns and fern allies found in waters of the region.
The Biodiversity of Papua, by Kal Muller
Full text of a book draft by Muller.
Biological Conservation Conference in Manokwari 2004
Theme: Biological conservation through research and education. To be held October 7-9. [PDF]
Cruz Mayor Expedition
Details an expedition to Papua New Guinea in 2008 in search of the archaeological discoveries regarding the first human civilizations. Find expedition details, goals, and information about discoveries.
Handbooks to the Flora of Papua New Guinea
Complete text of the 3-volume series edited by Womersley, Henty and Conn.
Kerang Papua - Shells of Papua
Illustrations from Alan Hinton's book, Shells of Papua New Guinea.
Mailing list for marine conservation in Papua New Guinea.
National Agricultural Research Institute of Papua New Guinea
Features programs, newsletter, projects, and publications.
New Guinea Binatang Research Center
Research on insects and their relationship to plants of the rainforests of Papua New Guinea.
New Guinea Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity Digest
Full text of the Wildlife Conservation Society's journal.
New Guinea Vegetation
Full text of the 1976 book by K. Paijmans.
Parataxonomist Training Center
A non-profit organization for training parataxonomists, advancing biodiversity research, and developing conservation programs.
Port Moresby Nature Park
Information about the admission fees, flower shop and garden nursery, orchid culture, photos, and tissue culture lab are given.
Research and Conservation Foundation of Papua New Guinea
RCF goals are to promote, preserve, and research the flora and fauna of Papua New Guinea for the people of Papua New Guinea and the world. RCF manages Crater Mountain the Integrated Conservation And Development.
UN System-Wide Earthwatch: Papua New Guinea
Environmental information and statistics, including details for individual islands in the group.
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