Regional Oceania Papua New Guinea Society and Culture
Papua New Guinea has more languages than any other country on Earth, and is very culturally diverse. Custom and indigenous cultures are still often very strong. Urban life in PNG reflects the tensions between the old and the new, the indigenous and the global. This category includes sites that reflect the make up of the Papua New Guinea community: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the people of Papua New Guinea.

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Between Two Nations
Full text of the 1986 book by R. J. May on the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border and West Papuan nationalism.
Eric's PNG Site
An informational site about the country, its culture and people.
Ethnologue - Languages of Papua New Guinea
Information about the living languages of the country including population, region, classification, dialects and alternate names.
Evaluating Information: A Stone Age Perspective on the Internet
An essay by A. D. Madden, focusing on the Kope People.
Ex Kiap
A contact site for the Kiap (past patrol officers) of Papua New Guinea.
Global List of Women's Organizations - Papua New Guinea
Provides contact information for groups of women helping others.
The Huli People of Papua New Guinea
Detailed description of Huli culture in Southern Highlands, including photos and vocabulary.
Information, Communication and Disability
An article by D. Bruce Yeats presented at the 1997 Waigani Seminar.
Keynote Address - Value of Traditional Knowledge in the 21st Century
Transcript of a speech by John Waiko at the 1997 Waigani Seminar.
Morobe Province Agricultural Society
Information about past Morobe Province Shows, including agricultural displays and cultural performances.
Oksapmin Society and World View
PhD thesis on culture in Oksapmin, West Sepik Province: an aesthetic oneness of opposites.
Paliau Movement
A 1998 article by Kakak Kais on the Paliau Movement (cargo cult) of Madang Province.
PNG Gossip
A newsletter based on snippets of information from Papua New Guinea.
PNG Language Resources
Dedicated to vernacular language development and translation of materials within the country of Papua New Guinea. Language materials for some of Papua New Guinea's many languages.
Tapr: The Drum (Garamut) Signals of the Maramba Society
An article by Paul Yamngarpise Norman on the significance of drum signals in Maramba society, presented at the 1997 Waigani Seminar.

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