Devoted to the scientific study of chickens in agriculture.

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Adding Amprolium to Chicken Feed
Outlines research into whether including this antibiotic in their food affects weight gain in broiler chicks.
Amber Waves Show Silkies
Articles on raising silkie chickens.
Chicken House Plans
Provides information on building your own mobile or static coop. Includes articles, videos and audio clips.
Chicken Scientific Name and Scientific Names of Poultry Species
A list of the scientific names of the domestic chicken, as well as other common poultry species.
A project to study chicken embryo development developed by educators, researchers, and teachers.
DIY Chicken Coop Plans
Offers an ebook with information on raising chickens and building a chicken coop.
The Dutch Bantam Site
Provides information for fanciers of the breed including articles, photographs and a discussion board.
The Garden Coop
Chicken coop plans and advice for do-it-yourself backyard poultry keepers including both walk-in and mobile style coops. FAQ and free plan previews.
Handbook on Poultry Diseases
Information to assist veterinarians, students, and avian health professionals to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases in poultry flocks.
How To Raise Day-Old Chicks in Your Back Yard
Information on raising chicks with minimum equipment, including feeding, setup, problems, sexlinks, breeds, broody hens, pastured poultry, and free range chickens.
Incubation and Embryology Resources
University of Illinois Extension research project with varied information on subjects related to breeding, incubating, hatching, and raising chicks.
Jane's Backyard Chickens
Jane Wright gives good advice on raising chickens and anecdotes from her chicken peeps.
Keeping Chickens at Home Blog
Personal journal with pictures and video showing beginners how to keep chickens at home.
Kemp's Koops
Information on Old English Game bantams featuring photo series of hatching process, articles on breeding and raising, photos from the 1997 National Meet, and photos of varieties.
The Life Cycle of the Chicken
Outline of development of a chicken from before to after being in the egg. Chick feeding information, breeds information, informational coloring pages, and science projects with an egg.
Longtail Fowl and Longcrowers of the World
Articles, information, and pictures of ornamental longtail fowl in many breeds.
Pekin Bantams
Articles, forum, and links for those raising bantams.
Perfect Poultry
Feeders, drinkers, incubators, and chicken care information.
Pocket Flocks
Bantam chicken breeding, networking, and care information and links to many resources.
Articles about raising poultry, and a forum.
Rosecomb Bantam Federation
Information on this organisation, the rosecomb breed standard, meetings, members and various articles on rosecombs.
Scots Dumpy Genetics
Provides information on the history of this short legged breed which is known as Krueper in continental Europe.
Tulasi Technologies Pvt Ltd
Providers of poultry and agricultural management software for both egg and meat producing flocks.
Wikipedia entry on Raising Chickens
Biology, history, and information concerning the chicken and its care.
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