Online calculators are used to perform either simple or complex mathematical operations. These can be accessed online without having to download. They quite often use either JavaScript or Java code.

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Martindale's Calculators
A collection of calculators for the sciences, business and everyday measurements. Organized by subject area.
An easy to use online platform for applied mathematics which includes an online calculator, a formula library and an exchange platform.
Alcula Scientific Calculator
An advanced online scientific calculator for students of mathematics.
Convert between various units of measurement, calculate volume and area, convert weight to volume and volume to weight, gravel and mortgage calculators.
Area of a Circle
A simple calculator to calculate the radius, diameter, circumference, or area of a circle from a given parameter.
Binary Calculator
An arbitrary-precision binary calculator, which adds, subtracts, multiplies, or divides integer and fractional values.
Binary Hex Converters
Online tool for converting binary, decimal, hexadecimal and ASCII text.
Bit Calculator
Makes conversions between bits, bytes and its multipliers.
Online numeral system converter. Supports decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary numbers, ASCII characters.
Calc Result
Provides a set of online calculators for math and physics.
A math resource website providing an online scientific calculator, and numerous special purpose calculators and unit converters
Easy to use online calculator and expression evaluator. It supports basic arithmetic, trigonometry and logarithmic functions.
Provides online calculators for web-enabled mobile phones and PDAs, including financial, fitness and conversion calculators.
Calculate Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Calculator for eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Includes a test example and various options.
Calculate for Free
Performs basic math operations, as well as square root and percentages. Includes memory save and recall.
Online calculators for a variety of conversions and calculations.
A Calculator
A basic online calculator similar to many electronic calculators.
Calculator Pi
Provides functions common in science and engineering. Creates a printable sequence of calculations that can be bookmarked or shared as URL.
Calculator Soup
Free online calculators for finance, math, algebra, fractions, geometry, physics, time and statistics. Converters for common conversions.
Calculator Tab
Free scientific online calculator, which includes long-term memory, trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, brackets and the modulo operation. It can be opened in a small pop-up window and includes a user guide. [Modern GUI, Adobe-Flash based]
Calculators for basic, scientific, BMI, currency, credit, dec-hex-oct-bin, pregnancy, and ovulation. Simple GUI, JavaScript based.
Online mathematical calculator with basic and scientific modes. Shows calculation history.
The set of tools and tables used for calculating different math (and non-math) problems.
Cleave Books - Specialist Calculators
Features converters for perimeter measurements of geometric figures, fractions, percentages, number bases, loan repayments, growth and decay, cost of living index, fuel consumption, flow rate, specific energy, viscocity, and heat capacity.
Dario Alpern's Complex Number Calculator
Computes basic operations, 1/z, pi, exponent, log, trig, and polygamma functions. Includes memory feature.
Days Calculator
Helps to compute how many days have passed from an earlier time to the present day.
Online graphing calculator. Free to use, supports hundreds of simultaneous equations, and supports interactive exploration via sliders.
A free online scientific calculator, and conversion of length units.
Offers an online calculator and a multi function unit converter.
Fraction Simplifier
Online tools for fast simplifying fractions and mixed numbers.
Free Online Calculator
Free online calculator use for decision making, discovery and learning.
Free Online Spreadsheet Calculator
Free online spreadsheet calculator has an estimating and budgeting form that shows all your calculations and allows you to print and save results.
Fuel Cost Calculator
Calculates fuel cost based on inputted parameters.
Free online graphing calculator for education use with 2d, 3d, cartesian, polar, calculus, differential equations, scientific, implicit function components.
Hiox Calculator & Converter
Features calculators for arithmetic functions, scientific computations, binary conversions, areas, financial interest, prime numbers, recurring fractions, factoring, matrices, HEX color converter, date and day calculations, as well as for measuring bandwidth.
Guide to online calculators, including those designed for home, travel, finance, health, and small business.
JavaScript Calculator Online
An easy to use online calculator based on the JavaScript function eval().
Math Calculators Online
Math online calculators and solvers for problems including polynomial equations, rational expressions, systems of equations, matrices, complex numbers, and analytic geometry.
Math Fest
A list of online basic, scientific, graphing, CAS and business calculators with thumbnails and a short description.
Free calculator graphs up to 5 equations, finds intersections and lets you save picture of graph to your computer.
A Mobile Computational Platform
Offers a mobile computing platform for mobile devices and web.
The Number Empire
A collection of online calculators, including prime number finder, fraction solver, and solution finder for calculus equations.
Online Matrix Calculator
Calculates matrix determinant and inverse. Performs LU, Cholesky, QR, SVD decompositions. Calculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
Percent Change Calculator
Measures the difference in value using percentages. Includes bar graphs with the answer.
Quadratic Equation Calculator
Calculator for solving a general quadratic equation.
Scientific Calculator
Java applet online calculator.
Scientific Calculator
Javascript calculator with basic scientific functions.
Shannon entropy calculator
Shannon entropy allows to estimate the average minimum number of bits needed to encode a string of symbols based on the alphabet size and the frequency of the symbols.
Solve My Math
Collection of online math calculators for algebra, calculus, statistics.
Square Root Calculator
Interactive square root calculator that can handle negative, imaginary, and complex numbers.
Tip Calculator
Mobile friendly tip calculator which shows exactly what to put on your receipt.
Web 2.0 Scientific Calculator
Free online scientific notation calculator. Functions include math expressions, plots, unit converter, equation solver, complex numbers and calculation history.
Collection of simple calculators for general math, algebra, plots and geometry, trig. and calculus.
Wolfram Mathematica: Online Integrator
Free integration solver that also does derivatives, equations and plots.
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