The 100-Club
Club for people who can memorize 100 or more digits of Pi.
The 2 Club
Club for people that can memorize more than 2 digits of Pi.
Am I in Pi
Determines where your birthday first occurs in PI. Checks the first 1,254,543 digits of PI.
Bailey and Crandall's article on the random character of constants.
An article on the random character of the fundamental constants such as pi, e and square-root of 2, by David Bailey and Richard Crandall (Experimental Mathematics, 2001) [PDF]
A sort of poem with the digits of Pi, spelled out with the words in many different languages.
Billion Digit Pi
Billion digits of Pi for download. Search for birthday dates in Pi. Introduction to maths related to Pi. Simple description of how Pi is calculated.
Is Pi normal?
An article by Stan Wagon about the idea of normality, first introduced by E. Borel in 1909, is an attempt to formalize the notion of a real number being random.
Ramanujan, Modular Equations, and Approximations to Pi or How to compute One Billion Digits of Pi
Explains and compares several formulas for evaluating this large number of numerical places for pi. Includes complete list of digits.
Search for strings within Pi
Searches for any string of digits (up to 120 of them) in the first 100 million digits of Pi.
Search for your Name in the Digits of Pi
An Online-Form that searches for a given name or word in the Digits of Pi.
Search Pi to 40 Million Digits
Find strings of digits in the first 50,000,000 digits of Pi.
Search within Pi
Search in the first four billion binary digits of Pi for a string and links to further information about Pi.
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