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Albert Einstein Online
Nearly everything related to Einstein on the web.
Albert Einstein
A biography of Albert Einstein from the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives
Albert Einstein
Biography covering his early life, scientific achievements and later life.
Albert Einstein
Provides comprehensive information on the life of Albert Einstein (1879-1955) who is generally considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century.
Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb
Albert Einstein's role in the creation of the atomic bomb and his views on the a-bombing of Japan.
Albert Einstein Archives
The official homepage of the Albert Einstein Archives, the repository of the personal papers of Albert Einstein, the world-famous scientist, humanist and Jew and TIME's "Person of the Century".
Albert Einstein Archives
The homepage of the repository of the personal papers of the great scientist, humanist and Jew, Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Biography & Pictures
Describes the scientist's discovery of the wave-particle duality of light, Brownian motion and relativity. Includes biography and historic photos.
Albert Einstein Reference Archive
This is a well done Einstein bibliographical site. It has a brief sketch of his science career and social justice activism.
Albert Einstein: Prophet or Plagiarist
A site that publicizes controversial physics issues.
American Museum of Natural History: Einstein
Online exhibition telling the story of Einstein's life and work.
Online publication of the 1920 edition of Albert Einstein's Relativity.
Detailed, hyperlinked biography of Albert Einstein (1879-1955), from the Mactutor History of Mathematics Archive
Einstein eCards
Send an e-card for free featuring a picture and quote of Einstein.
The Einstein File by Fred Jerome
Fred Jerome reveals that Albert Einstein was investigated by the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover in his new book The Einstein File.
The Einstein Papers Project
Publishes "The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein". Includes information on the publication and its staff.
Einstein's Patents
A list of the patents granted to Einstein and some of the original patent gazettes are presented.
Einstein's World
Devoted to Albert Einstein. It contains a biography, pictures, relativity information, intelligence information and letters he has written.
Einstein: Image and Impact
An online exhibit of the life of Albert Einstein, by the AIP Center for History of Physics. Text by leading historians and many illustrations and quotes show Einstein's scientific contributions, political and cultural concerns, and impact on the world.
Galileo and Einstein
Michael Fowler's physics lectures from the U of VA. Interesting and easy to follow.
Military Quotes
Military related quotations from Albert Einstein.
Monthly Review May 1998 Albert Einstein
The Monthly Review republishes Einstein's 1949 article "Why Socialism." This article appeared in the Monthly Review's first issue.
My Saturday Afternoons with Albert Einstein
Veteran journalist Ralph D. Gardner's intimate reminiscence of his childhood friendship with Albert Einstein.
NOVA Online/Einstein Revealed
NOVA presents a profile of Albert Einstein, with additional teaching resources, Shockwave demonstrations, and animations of relativity concepts.
Regarding, Inter Alia, Albert Einstein and Mileva Marich Einstein
Full text of this work by V. Alexander Stefan. [PDF]
Scientists and Thinkers: Albert Einstein
Article provides a glimpse into the life of the physicist who is considered the father of modern science. Includes sound file, photographs, timeline, slide show, and quiz. From Time Magazine.
Spacetime Wrinkles
The National Center for Supercomputing Applications offers an online exhibit on black holes and Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, including images, video clips, and a bibliography. Person of the Century
Collection of articles from Time Magazine portray Einstein as the greatest mind of the 20th century.
NPR : 1905: Science's Miracle Year
Scientists call 1905 Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis - year of miracles - when he published a series of papers that radically transformed the way we understand the world. In a series of radio stories, NPR looks at Einstein's scientific breakthroughs and the ideas of other great thinkers in 1905. (January 01, 2005) - New Details Emerge From the Einstein Files
A recently released, partially censored version of Einstein's FBI file spells out how the bureau spied on Einstein and his associates and identifies some of the informants who said he was a spy. (May 07, 2002)

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