The scientific study of material remains of past human life and activities in ancient Egypt from the pre-Dynastic to the end of the Ptolemaic Period in 30 BC. It is about the process of archaeological research more than the resulting understanding of history.

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The Ancient Egypt Film Site
Information on past and present films dealing with Ancient Egypt or Egyptology.
The Ancient Egypt Site
The history, language and culture of Ancient Egypt, by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer.
Aspects of Life in Ancient Egypt
Descriptions of daily life, material culture, social and political institutions, economy and geography of pharaonic Egypt
Date Converter for Ancient Egypt
A scientific tool for converting calendar dates mentioned in Greek and Demotic Papyri from Egypt into Julian dates.
Early Dynastic Egypt
Francesco Raffaele presents an illustrated history of the second and third dynasties, king by king, with references. Also corpora of First Dynasty labels and Early Dynastic inscriptions, and articles.
Egypt's Treasures in Danger
Egypt calls for urgent action to save the monuments of the Nile Delta.
Egyptian Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom
Maps, diagrams, and detailed information about the Egyptian Royal Tombs from Kelley L. Ross.
Egyptology in Poland
A portal for Polish Egyptology, includes a history, suggested readings, museums, links, and gallery.
Egyptology Resources
Internet resources, including mailing lists, news and gossip, contact information for institutes and individuals, journals and links from Nigel Strudwick.
Few Had Wealth in Ancient Egypt
From Nature, Most ancient Egyptians were on the poverty line while a handful of priest-kings held fabulous wealth.
Giza Archives Project
Designed to serve as a centralized online repository for archaeological activity at the Old Kingdom Giza necropolis, beginning with the Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts excavations (1902-1947). Page contains thousands of excavation photographs, expedition diary pages, object register book pages, maps, tomb plans and sections, books and articles.
The Global Egyptian Museum
Includes 6,600 objects from 10 European collections, with extensive documentation and color photography.
Golden Hopes from Pharaoh's Map
BBC reports that geologists and engineers in Egypt are searching for gold using a 3,000-year-old map, believed to have been drawn by King Seti I.
Hopkins in Egypt Today
Records day-by-day activities of the Johns Hopkins University Expedition archaeological team in Egypt. Features details of the excavations with photos.
The Leiden Excavations in the New Kingdom necropolis at Saqqara, Egypt.
Secrets of the Pharaohs
PBS companion to the TV series focusing on new findings: genetic disease in the 18th dynasty; the tombs of the pyramid builders; mummy of a noblewoman and chantress from Luxor named Asru.
The Shaft, the Subway and the Causeway
Nigel Skinner-Simpson tries to track down the evidence behind stories of tunnels in the Giza plateau.
Some Observations Concerning Uninscribed Tombs in the Valley of the Kings
Scholarly article by Donald P. Ryan, from C.N. Reeves (ed.), After Tutankhamun: Research and Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at Thebes.
Spirit & Stone
Articles about stone technology, the Sphinx and temples.
Forum covers histories, cultures and customs from Nubia to ancient Egypt.
Wonders of Ancient Egypt
Features the wonders, mysteries, religion and history of ancient and modern Egypt. With details and resources on related topics.
BBC: Pharaonic Tomb Find Stuns Egypt
An ancient tomb is discovered in the Valley of the Kings, the first since Tutankhamun's was found in 1922. (February 10, 2006)
Tableau May be Oldest Text
An article in the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that 5,250-year-old symbols unearthed near Luxor may predate Sumerian script. (April 16, 2002)
The Sounds of Ancient Egypt
Musicians believe music will help us understand ancient Egypt's spoken language. (May 11, 1997)

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