Research information and educational materials on Public Speaking, primarily of interest to teachers and students.

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Advanced Public Speaking Institute
Large collection of free articles on presentation skills, covering both very basic topics and more advanced issues such as audience participation.
BBC's The Speaker
A selection of videos with hints and tips from experts on all aspects of public speaking.
The Cambridge Union
Debating society founded in 1815. Lists future speakers and gives tips on debating.
Dahle Communication
A blog that discusses presentation, communication, branding and brand management, design and public speaking.
Effective Speech Writing
Techniques for writing an effective speech, including choosing a theme, including quotes and other resources, effective closings.
Great Public Speaking
Blog with specific advice and recommendations on topics related to public speaking.
Groom Power
Advice for grooms on writing and giving a groom's speech. Includes suggested structure and tips for delivery.
Humor Power
Blog focussed on advice for incorporating humor into speeches.
Memo to C-Level Speakers
Speechwriting advice to connect with the audience.
The Oxford Union
One of the world's oldest debating societies. Includes history of the society, list of famous speakers and videos.
The Pincus Group
Communication training consultancy based in Washington DC. Best practice articles and tips for executive public speaking.
Presentation Zen
Garr Reynolds' blog on issues related to professional presentation design.
Professionally Speaking
Blog for professional public speaking, speechwriting, and executive communications.
Rostrum Australia
An association of public speaking clubs in Australia, founded in 1930. Provides speaking tips and lists of local clubs.
Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog
Includes speech critiques, book reviews, weekly reviews, and advice articles for all public speakers.
Speak Schmeak
Blog with advice and encouragement for overcoming fear of public speaking.
Speakers Trust
UK public speaking charity specialising in providing training in the education, not-for-profit and community sectors.
A short, basic guide to speech writing techniques, from a company that sells special occasion speeches.
Vital Speeches of the Day
Online branch of Vital Speeches magazine, founded in 1934. Publishes unedited speeches from recognized leaders.
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