This page is for helpful links to websites which relate to the Hebrew language - whether Biblical/Classical, or Modern. These sites may help teach Hebrew, discuss the Hebrew language, or be selling their original, Hebrew language course products, while offering a sample lesson. The submitted links and websites have been reviewed to the best of our ability, but the descriptions are not a product assessment.

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Aleph-Bet on the Net
A set of interactive tutorials for students using the textbook "Encounters in Modern Hebrew" by Edna Amir Coffin. The tutorials cover the vocabulary lists for each of the ten lessons in the book and allow students to read and type Hebrew. The site does not require any special fonts or browsers. Alphabet series upload pending.
Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective
Ongoing blog about Hebrew with a focus on etymology. Discusses words and phrases in both modern and classical Hebrew, as well as slang, new terms, the influences of other ancient languages, bookshelf; related links.
Ben Yehuda Project
Online database of full text Hebrew literature for public domain works. New additions typed with full vocalization in large font pages, suitable for language learners. Classification by author and title; produced through volunteer input, ongoing. Includes H.N. Bialik, Rachel, Herzl, Sholom Aleichem, some classical texts; some translations.
Biblical & Modern Hebrew Grammar for Macintosh, Windows
50-lesson Course designed for college students and available on diskette (online sale). Includes: exercises, vocabulary tests, verb parsing charts, vocabularies, and translation materials, formatted in Microsoft Word. One of the rare Hebrew for Mac products.
Davar Hebrew Dictionary
Free online Hebrew dictionary/lexicon, running on Windows95/98/ME/NT/W2000/XP platform.
English - Hebrew Dictionary of Solar Energy Terms and Words
Includes an English-Hebrew dictionary of solar energy terms. Each Hebrew word is displayed as a graphic with Nikud (vocalization) and an English transliteration.
English Hebrew by subject
12 hour audio CD for topic-based Hebrew vocabulary development, with written compendium by subject, including 2 verb forms, gender forms. Online demos: audio-visual demo, plus Education vocabulary download.
Learn to speak, read & write Hebrew with a live Israeli based teacher right from home through video-conferencing, courses by level and topic. Sign up for two free Trial Lessons. Also free: Hebrew phrases, vocabulary (see: Learn Hebrew), newsletter, blog, videos, test your level of Hebrew. An E-teacher Israel/CET project.
Gate2Home - Virtual Hebrew keyboard
Clickable onscreen keyboard emulator, for type and search functions in Hebrew without a Hebrew operating system or keyboard.
Hebrew Nikud in MS Office
Levinsky Academic College web: full instructions chart for <i>manual</i> Hebrew vocalization, for use with Word documents [set caps lock; click shift/keys on the numbers bar only; for ; use tilda]. ASCII codes also available [set num lock].
Hebrew for Me - Zigzag World
Introductory Hebrew: includes Instructional programs based on Java applets; created with young learners in mind.
Hebrew Language
Wikipedia overview of Hebrew language: Linguistic history, writing systems, sounds, grammar, bibliography. Links for other overviews.
Hebrew Language
Colourful Hebrew language thematic vocabulary cards, virtual keyboard, links.
The Hebrew Language
Categorized free Hebrew language study resources on the Internet
Hebrew Page of Multilingual Books Language Bookstore
Courses for sale online, with description; also reference books - dictionaries, syntax, grammar.
Hebrew Podcasts
Conversational Hebrew: downloadable/online listening to beginners' lessons in Modern Hebrew on basic themes. Lesson Guides to first three are free; 2 sample lessons on Youtube. Subscription required for additional Guides, transcripts, exercises and drills.
Hebrew Resources (Learn, Study, Speak Hebrew)
Hebrew Resources to learn to speak and read Hebrew: online video demo, discussion groups, newsletter. Fee-paying online courses [or CD versions] for Modern or Biblical Hebrew. Extensive range of course reviews; letter charts (ancient, modern).
Hebrew Slang Word of the Week
USCJ weekly feature on Hebrew slang expressions.
Hebrew Songs
Over 2,000 Hebrew songs, transliterated and translated into English and other languages, suitable for language classes. Classified alphabetically and by author, with links to Hebrew language text, audio files, biographies, specialist and personal websites. Courtesy Jewish
Hebrew Speaktionary
Hebrew-speaking picture dictionary on CD-ROM.
Hebrew tutor
Personal website: Individual and group online Hebrew lessons with Toronto-based native Israeli Hebrew teacher, using video-conferencing techniques. Focusing on all language skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening and comprehension.
Hebrew World
Downloadable, printable alphabet learning and writing resources; sales of programs and resources for learning Hebrew, both modern and Biblical, using workbooks, flash cards and cassettes, as well as other language aids.
Hebrew-English eDictionary
Zooloo Hebrew language resources include this eDictionary and an online vocalization tool for Hebrew called Nakdan, on
Online journal of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew [2008-2010]
Israel Bar Association Hebrew language examinations
Latest examination papers for lawyers requalifying in Israel. Comprehension, summary, analysis of texts and statutes.
Israel Connection-
N. American wholesale distributors of Israeli and Hebrew language textbooks, readers, dictionaries and accessory educational materials for K12, Ulpan, academic and home study. Helpful item descriptions. Catalogue arranged by Publisher, medium and level of competence.
Israeli Hebrew - Virtual Language Lab
University of Florida - Israeli Hebrew For Speakers of English, Books 1 and 2 [21 lesson units], courtesy of Peter Cole and Duben Books. Digitized for online use, Real One audio. No password required
The J Site - Jewish Education and Entertainment
Includes: Hebrew songbook, flash coloring book, Israel geography game, language match game, and Hebrew sign maker. No Hebrew fonts required.
Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew
Describes a recent book by Professor Ghil`ad Zuckermann (University of Cambridge) on Israeli Hebrew as a spoken language, 'reinvented' over the course of the twentieth century.
Language Guide: Hebrew
Vocabulary Guide templates - Hebrew entries compiled by Orna Wainstock, Efrat Barne'a. Categories and lexicon in Hebrew only, with audio recordings by Ruth Ticotzky, Tomer Jabotaro, Tamar Ben-Yosef.
Language Profile: Hebrew
From the UCLA Language Materials Project.
Learn Hebrew for Free - Foundation Stone
Free, downloadable application, offering grammatical and vocabulary support for Modern Hebrew, with audio files for pronunciation. Helpful for teachers and students on academic courses. Online Hebrew Tutorial (about 20 units) offers lesson texts, suitable for self-motivated students; without interaction. Detailed Hebrew textbook in pdf. Includes analysis of the differences and similarities between Biblical and Modern Hebrew.
Learn Hebrew Language Skills with Hebrew Software and Hebrew Resources
Small collection of easy Hebrew "survival" phrases and vocabulary with dialogue; selection of large font, vocalized Hebrew articles for reading practice and comprehension, with transliteration and English translation; separate multiple choice everyday situations comprehension quiz.
Learn Hebrew Phrases
Hebrew phrase book, Dictionary, Expressions, Conversation, Idioms, words.
Learn Hebrew Pod
Online Hebrew course for beginners and intermediate levels, incorporating over 50 hours of audio lessons with accompanying pdf files; interactive reading tutorials and multimedia learning games. Varied subject matter; 9 free trial downloads.
Lessons in Modern Hebrew Level II
Authorised copy of Edna Coffin's Modern Hebrew Language course book(C).
Literally Speaking
Dr Avshalom Koor's daily Hebrew language feature on Israel Army Radio on correct and grammatical usage in Modern Hebrew, etymology, alternative forms, new terms, translated terms (frequently from the English) and comparative use. Regularly includes Biblical and Talmudic terms, traditional and modern musical use. Audio file only: Windows Media streaming.
Hebrew Beginners' and Intermediate course, each with 20 online lessons; Hebrew for Spanish speakers. Beginners' course: first 4 lessons free. Words, alphabet, conversations based on everyday use; basic grammar; audio files for all pronunciation and most exercises; the exercises use mouse or virtual keyboard. Animated Hebrew vocabulary and flash cards (100 each) on Milingua for Kids:
Milon English-Hebrew Dictionary
Searchable vocabularies with detailed explanations and images
Milon Morfix - Dictionary
Open access, interactive online Hebrew dictionary.
My Hebrew Dictionary
English A-Z classification of dozens of Hebrew terms with enlargeable thumbnail images, parallel Hebrew-English terms, transliteration and audio. Useful, fun tool for vocabulary enhancement.
The Online Hebrew Tutorial
Detailed Hebrew textbook, with analysis of the differences and similarities between Biblical and Modern Hebrew. Includes links to multimedia files aimed at learning proper pronunciation. [PDF]
Passing Phrase
An easy to use humorous guide to learning modern Hebrew phrases. Presentation format: Hebrew text, vocalized, stressed transliteration, translation, context. No background in Hebrew necessary.
Rav Milim Dictionary, Milengo Ltd.
Interactive online Hebrew dictionary, with virtual Hebrew keyboard tool. Offers full/reduced Hebrew orthography, vocalization, check. Also English translation, Hebrew definition, parsing of Hebrew words. Submissions accepted in any form. For teachers, students, independent learners. Produced under the auspices of the Center for Educational Technology. Subscription only.
Say it in Hebrew
Hebrew vocabulary and phrase books by the Israel Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Access by index or use the printable forms.
Shaar LaMathil
Popular easy Hebrew newspaper for students of Modern Hebrew, published by the Israel Ministry of Education in conjunction with Yediot Tikshoret (Communications). Circulation 20,000 copies. Available worldwide via online order form or email. NB: No longer available via the Jerusalem Post.
Stanford University: Heveinu Shalom Aleichem
Lessons #1-#20 of Jewish Agency audio/video/text series for new immigrants/almost beginners, with reading skills. Available to students or non-profit organizations, at discretion of the University/Jewish Agency. NB: Streamed video requires fast connection; not downloadable.
Tal Am and Tal Sela Hebrew
Tal Am and Tal Sela curriculum for grades 1-6 Hebrew Language and Jewish Studies in day schools and supplementary schools. Online sample presentation and sales page.
Hebrew Language Immersion classes and programs for children and adults, focusing on Hebrew language, Israel, Culture and Community. Features curricular outlines, overviews, online video demos of classes in Hebrew. For San Diego Israelis: social activities through Kef Li San Diego, a related social network.
Offers individualized Hebrew language immersion and distance learning.
Hebrew Language courses at multiple levels 24/7, for adults and students (as well as Israeli students abroad), via real-time web video-conferencing with an Israeli teacher. Free sample lessons, videoclip, online phrasebook with audio. From Israeli e-Teacher portal, in conjunction with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Center for Educational Technology, Tel Aviv. Biblical Hebrew option available. In English, French, Russian. Formerly: Hebrew Online.
University of Texas at Austin
Virtual Language Lab. Online tutorials, audio lessons for 3 levels, biblical readings, video clips, puzzles. Addition of Esther Raizen's curricular text books for Modern Hebrew; more Biblical Hebrew.
Wikipedia - Hebrew Encyclopedia
Online, free-content encyclopedia in the Hebrew language; a useful reference for assignments and Hebrew lessons related to general content and Area Studies.
Yanshuf Magazine/Hebrew Today
News items in large font, vocalized easy Hebrew on range of topics; Hebrew in textual contexts; Hebrew grammar and syntax; phrase of the week and multilingual lexicons; didactic discussions and presentations in English; complete Yanshuf or Bereishit by subscription/CD.
Zig Zag World
Interactive Java applets for beginners' Hebrew language study with graphics - phrases, games; Hebrew keyboard tutor; Hebrew in Hand -free Blackberry downloads for prayer and study. In cooperation with the University of Michigan.

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