German is a Western-Germanic member of the Indo-European language family spoken by approximately 100 million first-language speakers and as many as 128 million people in as many as 40 countries. German is also known as Deutsch, Hochdeutsch and High German. This category is for noncommercial sites about German. This includes scientific considerations, educational resources, and reference materials.

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Free lessons and online courses with more than 1000 audio files.
BBC: Languages: German
Includes courses, phrases, and travel information.
Deutsch Happen
A free resource site for learners of German offering online exercises in different levels.
Deutsch Lernen
Beginner's and advanced German lessons, mainly focusing on grammar.
The site provides free audio and video activities to learn German, as well as free worksheets, powerpoints, handouts, online exercises, and vocabulary resources for all levels of German language learners.
Deutsche Welle: German Courses
German language courses for teachers and students in more than 30 languages.
Gene Moutoux's Home Page
Fairy tales and letters (correspondence) for intermediate students, as well as a course for beginners.
German Language
Language-learning tips and lessons and a library of links to resources on the Web.
German Speech Errors
A list of several hundred common German speech errors with English glosses.
German Words and Phrases
Basic words and phases for studying German.
Podcasts and learning resources that teach German from beginning to advanced levels. Sign-up is required.
How to Learn German
Describes learning methods based on watching German films with German subtitles, social media, German music, self-made quizzed, and other similar interactive approaches.
Internet Resources for Germanists
Research tools, organizations, calendar of events and academic journals.
Languages online
A collection of resources and exercises on grammar and vocabulary.
Learn German Links
Resources for students to learn German online. The focus is on free content, German textbooks and software.
Paul Joyce: German Language and Culture
Contains a German course of 12 chapters, including sound files, multimedia exercises and a glossary of vocabulary. In addition, there is an interactive guide to pronunciation, German verb tables and lectures on German grammar.
Offers interactive German lessons. Free introductory lessons cover basic vocabulary, more lessons are available after signing up.
Toms Deutschseite
Collection of exercises, grammar rules, hints and links for learners of German as a Foreign Language.
Web German
A center for learning with the Internet. Interactive exercises, audio files, literature, games, comics, news, fiction and other useful resources to help you learn online.

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